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Q: Can I have a yard sale, and if so, how do I have one safely?

A: Yes, you can have one. Here are some guidelines to follow:

1. Consider selling your items using online platforms.

2. If you are ill or have any symptoms of COVID-19, do not have or attend any garage sale.

3. Do not allow people to congregate on your property.

4. Ensure that people stay 6 feet away from others. Please post signage to remind people.

5. Place tables at least 6 feet away from each other.

6. Make sure all working and shopping are wearing face coverings.

7. Do not allow people to touch items until they are ready to purchase them.

8. Consider contact-free delivery or shipping options.

9. Consider using mobile payments.

10. For items you intend to sell: Clean and disinfect them prior to placing them for sale.

11. Clothing should be washed and dried prior to selling.

12. When you purchase an item, clean it before bringing it into your home.

Guidance is also available at our website:

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