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MAHOMET — The Mahomet-Seymour school board, which voted last month to extend in-school instruction to four days a week, is expected to discuss going one step further Monday.

Superintendent Lindsey Hall will give a presentation asking the board whether it wants to remain with the four-day attendance plan or increase it to five days a week. Any changes would be in place at the start of the second semester.

In-person learners would be in school all day, but remote learning would likely have to be outsourced under the five-day plan, according to the proposal. Hall did not return calls asking for clarification.

Also, early releases on Wednesdays that had been previously scheduled would be re-instituted. Elementary students would be released immediately following lunch, and grades 6-12 would switch to remote learning.

According to board documents, more than 200 students have indicated they want to change their learning format.

Addressing why the change must wait until the second semester, the proposal indicates that most of those who want to change formats are taking part in in-person learning, and their status in software the district uses would have to be updated.

Also, the time is needed to make the necessary changes of classrooms, eating areas and other commons areas, and to make arrangements for outsourcing remote learning if the decision is made to go with five days per week.