Harvest Market Peoria Charter

Beginning Monday, April 20, 2020, Peoria Charter will let Harvest Market use some of its drivers and smaller vans to deliver groceries during the coronavirus pandemic.

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CHAMPAIGN — Beginning Monday, Peoria Charter is letting Harvest Market use its drivers and smaller vans to deliver groceries.

The vans and drivers are being provided at no charge, Director of Operations James Wang said, and Harvest Market is dropping its delivery fee that’s usually added, spokesman Gerry Kettler said.

Peoria Charter announced this week that it is hiring back nearly all of its full-time employees after it received a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan.

“We are so happy we are able to give back to the community,” said Wang, who has also reached out to churches, school districts and medical centers to offer what help it can.

Harvest Market manager Rick Marshall said Peoria Charter’s vans should help it make more deliveries per time slot.

“We’re trying to expand, but when you go from the sale volume we were doing to where we are now, it’s a lot to take on at once,” he said. “So it’s a challenge, and we still are behind, but this may help us relieve some of the pressure from the delivery standpoint.”