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Friday: deaths

A look at coronavirus-related deaths statewide over time.

Champaign County is two positive tests away from its 1,000th confirmed case of COVID-19.

On Thursday, 115 days after reporting its first case, the county added 18 more, pushing its pandemic total to 998.

The encouraging news: Just 125 of those are active cases, down six from the day before, while 857 are considered recovered.

The county’s hospitalization count remained at seven.

Champaign County’s seven-day positivity rate was down by one-tenth of a percent Thursday (6,247 tests, 97 cases, 1.5 percent) while the single-day rate was 2.6 percent (699 tests, 18 cases).

Here’s the rundown of ZIP codes with active cases, followed by their total number of cases, according to C-U Public Health District data:

61821/Champaign: 27 active (up one from Wednesday), 178 total (up five)

61853/Mahomet: 17 active (down three from Wednesday), 66 total (up three)

61843/Fisher: 15 active (up two from Wednesday), 20 total (up three)

61866/Rantoul: 15 active (down one from Wednesday), 210 total (unchanged)

61822/Champaign: 11 active (down three from Wednesday), 81 total (unchanged)

61820/Champaign: 7 active (down two from Wednesday), 141 total (up one)

61874/Savoy: 7 active (up one from Wednesday), 41 (up one)

61801/Urbana: 6 active (unchanged from Wednesday), 64 total (unchanged)

61873/St. Joseph: 4 active (down three from Wednesday), 15 total (unchanged)

61872/Sadorus: 3 active (up one from Wednesday), 3 total (up one)

61880/Tolono: 3 active (up two from Wednesday), 13 total (up two)

61802/Urbana: 3 active (down two from Wednesday), 134 total (unchanged)

61845/Foosland: 2 active (unchanged from Wednesday), 2 total (unchanged)

61840/Dewey: 1 (unchanged from Wednesday), 1 total (unchanged)

61875/Seymour: 1 active (unchanged from Wednesday), 4 total (unchanged)

61877/Sidney: 1 active (up one from Wednesday), 2 total (up one)

61878/Thomasboro: 1 active (unchanged from Wednesday), 3 total (unchanged)

61859/Ogden: 1 active (first case reported Wednesday), 1 total

61871/Royal: None active (down 1 from Wednesday), 2 total (unchanged)

Sunday: new cases

A look at newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in Champaign County over time.

UI: 4,000-plus sign safety page

The News-Gazette's Ben Zigterman reports:

Within four hours of it being announced Thursday morning, more than 4,000 people took a pledge from the University of Illinois to follow guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Signers of the voluntary pledge commit to check their health every morning, wear a mask, wash their hands often, practice social distancing, participate in contact tracing and exposure-notification and get tested regularly.

After it was announced, the Graduate Employees Organization and the Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition Local 6546 warned their members on social media not to sign the pledge until union leaders met with administrators about the its potential impact on members.

UI spokeswoman Robin Kaler said the names of who pledged won’t be used by the UI.

“The only thing we might use from those who have taken the pledge is the unit designation, and that would be to have a friendly competition among colleges and units to see who has the highest percentage of participation,” she said.

When the UI re-opens in the fall, students and faculty will be required to wear masks, and not doing so could lead to discipline under the student code and unpaid leave for faculty and staff, administrators have said.

They’re still working out whether they’ll require students and faculty to take COVID-19 tests, Kaler said Wednesday.

But the UI hopes most students and employees will voluntarily comply with COVID-19 guidelines.

Administrators are working on an educational campaign developed with the psychology, community health and communications departments.

“Our goal is to build a culture of looking out for each other by following the health and safety guidelines in the pledge,” Kaler said. “We know it's critical that everyone who wants to be on campus needs to think about more than just themselves, so we developed the pledge as one way to become ambassadors for the campaign.”

Sunday: Positivity

A look at the number of new tests that have been positive in Champaign County over time.

IDPH: 20 deaths reported

The Illinois Department of Public Health reported 20 new coronavirus-related deaths, pushing the total to 7,119.

Thursday’s fatalities spanned six of Illinois’ 102 counties:

  • Cook County: 1 male 40s, 1 female 60s, 2 males 60s, 3 males 70s, 4 females 80s, 1 male 80s, 1 male 90s.
  • DuPage County: 1 male 60s, 1 female 70s.
  • Kane County: 1 female 90s.
  • Kendall County: 1 male 50s.
  • McLean County: 1 female 80s.
  • Out of State: 1 female 50s.
  • St. Clair County: 1 female 90s.
Saturday: Tests

A look at new coronavirus tests in Champaign County over time.

STATE: 1,000-plus cases, record number of tests

Jerry Nowicki of our Springfield-based partner Capitol News Illinois reports:

New Illinois COVID-19 cases topped 1,000 Thursday for the first time since June 2, but the high number coincided with the state’s highest recorded single-day testing output.

The 36,180 test results reported yielded 1,018 positive results for a one-day positivity rate of 2.8 percent — well within the range of the past month. The seven-day rolling average remained at 2.6 percent.

At the end of Wednesday, there were 1,507 people in Illinois reported to be in the hospital with COVID-19. That was 11 below the previous day and the second-straight day with more than 1,500 hospitalized with the virus after five straight days of fewer than 1,400.

About 38 percent of the state’s hospital beds were open at the end of Wednesday, with 4.3 percent of the occupied beds used by COVID-19 patients. That number was as high as 15 percent at the height of the pandemic.

Of those hospitalized, 317 patients were in an intensive care unit bed, a decrease of 14 from the day before. That means about 8.1 percent of the state’s ICU beds were in use by COVID-19 patients and 42 percent of them remained open. COVID-19 patients occupied as high as 43 percent of ICU beds at the height of the pandemic, and capacity once shrunk as low as 24 percent.

Approximately 2.6 percent of the state’s ventilator supply — 153 ventilators total — was being used by COVID-19 patients at the end of Wednesday. That was two ventilators more than the previous day, which was the lowest recorded during the pandemic. About 74 percent of the state’s ventilator supply remained open.

At the height of the pandemic, more than 19 percent of the state’s ventilator supply was in use by COVID-19 patients, but the state implemented other procedures to avoid putting patients on ventilators and padded its supply by the thousands in case of a surge.