The Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School National Honors Society decided to make the end of the year a little extra special for their teachers.

During a hectic year in which such things are easy to overlook, the students decided to provide their teachers a different surprise each day. They made them breakfast one day, made tags to hang on teachers’ doors, put snacks in the teachers’ lounge, hand-wrote notes and raffled off prizes.

“I cannot tell you how many emails of appreciation I’ve gotten,” adviser Kirsten Wyatt said, “just thanking the kiddos for recognizing them, for providing them treats. I think here at the high school level, teachers might not get the same level of appreciation or words of affirmation as like an elementary student, where you could do some more of those hands-on, craft activities.”

Teachers and students are more disconnected in some ways than ever this year, with social-distance requirements, masks and some students learning remotely. To spend a week showering teachers with constant praise, Wyatt said, is the perfect way to end the year.

“Here at the high school, we can get into more of those rigorous classes where the thought of Teacher Appreciation Week can be lost,” Wyatt said. “So I think this year, having the kids take a moment to recognize everybody in the building, it’s just been a great way to end. We only have three weeks left of the school year, so it’s just that last push to give teachers the motivation of, ‘Hey, the end of the year is almost here, you can finish strong.’”

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