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Tuesday Vermilion

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Vermilion County grew by 11 Tuesday, to 382.

Two of the new cases involve members of the same household, county health Administrator Doug Toole said.

The breakdown by age of the 11:

  • One teenager
  • Three in 20s
  • One in 30s
  • One in 50s
  • Two in 60s
  • Two in 70s
  • One in 80s

The county’s positivity rates stand at 1.78 percent (single-day) and 2.6 percent (seven-day).

Tuesday Ford

FORD COUNTY:Man in 80s is second fatality in a week

For the second time in a week, Ford County has lost a resident to the coronavirus.

On Tuesday afternoon, a Ford health official told The News-Gazette's Deb Pressey that the county's fourth fatality was a man in his 80s who was linked to the COVID-19 outbreak at Accolade Healthcare of Paxton on Pells.

Also on Tuesday, the county health department reported four newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ford.

That raises Ford's case total to 120. Of those, 100 have been released from isolation, 15 are isolating at home and one is hospitalized.

Tuesday county active

Of 14,456 new tests, 33 came back positive in Champaign County on Tuesday, a rate of 0.2 percent.

The number of hospitalized residents remained three for the fourth straight day in Champaign County, where the seven-day positivity rate stands at 0.6 percent.

Active cases increased by 32 (to 524) while recovered cases were up one (to 2,362).

Over the course of the pandemic, 314,248 tests have now produced 2,906 cases.

Tuesday: county tests

Here’s an updated rundown of county ZIP codes with active cases followed by their total number of cases, according to C-U Public Health District data:

  • 61820/Champaign: 390 active (up 27 from Monday), 1,110 total (up 28)
  • 61801/Urbana: 46 active (up three from Monday), 243 total (up three)
  • 61821/Champaign: 16 active (unchanged from Monday), 354 total (unchanged)
  • 61873/St. Joseph: 15 active (unchanged from Monday), 51 total (unchanged)
  • 61822/Champaign: 13 active (unchanged from Monday), 218 total (unchanged)
  • 61802/Urbana: 12 active (up 1 from Monday), 275 total (up one)
  • 61853/Mahomet: 7 active (unchanged from Monday), 112 total (unchanged)
  • 61874/Savoy: 6 active (unchanged from Monday), 82 total (unchanged)
  • 61866/Rantoul: 5 active (unchanged from from Monday), 282 total (unchanged)
  • 61880/Tolono: 5 active (up 1 from Monday), 44 total (up one)
  • 61843/Fisher: 2 active (unchanged from Monday), 32 total (unchanged)
  • 61863/Pesotum: 2 active (unchanged from Monday), 10 total (unchanged)
  • 61878/Thomasboro: 2 active (unchanged from Monday), 8 total (unchanged)
  • 61877/Sidney: 1 active (unchanged from Monday), 16 total (unchanged)
  • 61847/Gifford: 1 active (unchanged from Monday), 8 total (unchanged)
  • 61859/Ogden: 1 active (unchanged from Monday), 5 total (unchanged)
  • 61864/Philo: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 11 total (unchanged)
  • 61845/Foosland: 0 active (down two from Monday), 10 total (unchanged)
  • 61875/Seymour: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 6 total (unchanged)
  • 61849/Homer: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 6 total (unchanged)
  • 60949/Ludlow: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 6 total (unchanged)
  • 61840/Dewey: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 5 total (unchanged)
  • 61871/Royal: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 5 total (unchanged)
  • 61872/Sadorus: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 3 total (unchanged)
  • 61816/Broadlands: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 1 total (unchanged)
  • 61851/Ivesdale: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 1 total (unchanged)
  • 61862/Penfield: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 1 total (unchanged)

Tuesday: county cases

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY: 28 new cases in 11-to-20 age group

Here’s an updated breakdown of confirmed county cases by age group, according to CUPHD data:

  • 11 to 20: 994 cases (up 28 from Monday); 29.2 percent of all tests in Champaign County
  • 21 to 30: 741 cases (up 5 from Monday); 31.0 percent of tests
  • 31 to 40: 369 cases (unchanged from Monday); 11.4 percent of tests
  • 41 to 50: 260 cases (up 1 from Monday); 9.2 percent of tests
  • 51 to 60: 209 cases (unchanged from Monday); 8.5 percent of tests
  • 10 and under: 132 cases (one case removed from Monday’s total); 1.8 percent of tests
  • 61 to 70: 107 cases (unchanged from Monday); 5.3 percent of tests
  • 71 to 80: 51 cases (unchanged from Monday); 2.2 percent of tests
  • 81 to 90: 32 cases (unchanged from Monday); 1.1 percent of tests
  • 91 to 100: 11 cases (unchanged from Monday); 0.4 percent of tests

Tuesday: UI positivity

UI CAMPUS: 1,242 new cases since classes started on Aug. 24

With three days’ worth of data still to be input, the number of unique COVID-19 cases on the University of Illinois campus since classes began on Aug. 24 stood at 1,242.

On Tuesday, the UI’s COVID-19 dashboard added Friday’s daily totals — 14,204 new tests, 104 new cases, a 0.7 percent positivity rate.

The dashboard is missing Labor Day weekend data for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The campus’ seven-day positivity rate after Friday’s update stood at 1.2 percent.

Tuesday: UI tests

Here’s a daily breakdown of tests and unique cases since students began reporting to campus in mid-August, according to the UI’s COVID-19 dashboard:

  • Friday, Sept. 4: 14,204 new tests, 104 new cases
  • Thursday, Sept. 3: 14,841 new tests, 88 new cases
  • Wednesday, Sept. 2: 7,089 new tests, 120 new cases
  • Tuesday, Sept. 1: 14,367 new tests, 199 new cases
  • Monday, Aug. 31: 17,227 new tests, 230 new cases
  • Sunday, Aug. 30: 3,640 new tests, 104 new cases
  • Saturday, Aug. 29: 2,895 new tests, 50 new cases
  • Friday, Aug. 28: 15,030 new tests, 65 new cases
  • Thursday, Aug. 27: 15,123 new tests, 60 new cases
  • Wednesday, Aug. 26: 6,812 new tests, 54 new cases
  • Tuesday, Aug. 25: 15,850 new tests, 89 new cases
  • Monday, Aug. 24: 17,656 new tests, 79 new cases
  • Sunday, Aug. 23: 4,474 new tests, 53 new cases
  • Saturday, Aug. 22: 3,326 new tests, 43 new cases
  • Friday, Aug. 21: 10,877 new tests, 54 new cases
  • Thursday, Aug. 20: 10,742 new tests, 52 new cases
  • Wednesday, Aug. 19: 6,300 new tests, 29 new cases
  • Tuesday, Aug. 18: 6,162 new tests, 20 new cases
  • Monday, Aug. 17: 9,064 new tests, 24 new cases
  • Sunday, Aug. 16: 2,453 new tests, 7 new cases
Tuesday: UI cases

AREA SCHOOLS: SJ-O reports student case

A student at St. Joseph-Ogden High School has tested positive for COVID-19, News-Gazette correspondent Nora Maberry-Daniels reports.

Superintendent Brian Brooks said the student tested positive over the weekend. Brooks said that due to the timing of the positive test and the student’s original exposure, as well as the fact that students had not been in school since Thursday, the C-U Public Health District had no concerns about any further student or staff exposure at the school from this particular case.

The school also disinfects classrooms every night.

Brooks said four students who were identified as having prolonged, close contact to the positive student have been placed in a 14-day quarantine to assist in preventing the further spread of COVID-19.

The positive student will also be quarantining for 14 days.

“Our parents have been outstanding in regards to understanding the protocols we have to take, and the Health Department has been very helpful and responsive,” Brooks said. “This was to be expected when you're dealing with a virus like this that spreads so easily, which is why it is very important to stick to the procedures that are in place and continue to stay in contact with the Health Department to stay up to speed on any changes that are made.”

COVID-19 cases have cropped up at schools across the area in recent weeks:

Oakwood Grade School closed for three days — Aug. 31, Sept. 1-2 — after three positive cases were confirmed. The school reopened for in-person instruction on Sept. 3, with Superintendent Larry Maynard writing in a letter to families and staff: “According to the Vermilion County Department of Public Health, our quick responsiveness to the concern and our temporary closure of in-person instruction at Oakwood Grade School was a helpful precautionary measure of prevention that has successfully helped mitigate this situation.”

— On Sept. 6, Cerro Gordo officials announced that the high school classes was shifting to remote learning until at least Sept. 21 after seven people tested positive for COVID-19. Four were reported on Sept. 3-4, with another three on Sept. 5-6.

— On Sept. 4, families in the Mahomet-Seymour school district were informed that a Lincoln Trail Elementary teacher and Middletown Prairie Elementary student had tested positive, leading to 18 people being quarantined.

Two weeks earlier, on the first day of classes, two Middletown Prairie students tested positive.

— On Sept. 3, Paxton-Buckley-Loda announced that a high school student tested positive. Superintendent Cliff McClure sent a similar note to families on Aug. 21, when a fourth-grader at Clara Peterson Elementary gave the district its first confirmed case.

— On Aug. 28, families and staff were notified of a student testing positive at Rantoul High.

A day later, it was revealed that two students at Rantoul’s J.W. Eater Junior High had tested positive but that no other students or staff were at risk from being in close contact with either case, according to Principal Scott Woods.

— After four students tested positive for COVID-19, Salt Fork High announced on Aug. 28 that it would switch from in-person classes to entirely remote learning for the next two weeks. The district hopes to resume in-person learning and athletics on Sept. 14, Superintendent Phil Cox said.

STATE: 31,363 tests, 1,392 cases, seven deaths

Of 31,363 new tests statewide, 1,392 came back positive Tuesday, a rate of 4.4 percent.

The state’s seven-day positivity rate fell from 4.2 to 4.0 percent.

The Illinois Department of Public Health also reported seven lives lost to COVID-19 on Tuesday:

  • Clinton County: 1 male 40s, 1 male 80s
  • Cook County: 1 male 30s
  • Jackson County: 1 male 40s
  • Montgomery County: 1 female 90s
  • Williamson County: 1 male 70s, 1 female 90s

During the course of the pandemic, 4,478,710 tests have produced 252,353 cases. According to IDPH, there have been 8,186 coronavirus-related deaths statewide.

Tuesday county positivity

MONTICELLO: No new cases at Piatt County Nursing Home

No residents or staff at the Piatt County Nursing Home have tested positive for COVID-19 since an employee recorded a positive test on Aug. 26, reports Steve Hoffman, editor of Community Media Group's Piatt County Journal-Republican.

“We still have not had any positive results from any of our testing,” Nursing Home Administrator Scott Porter said Tuesday.

He said the case last month triggered weekly testing by the state. Results of the first round were all negative, and employees were being tested Tuesday for a second time.

“Overall, it would appear that, at least from exposure from that employee, there has not been transmission,” said Porter. He did warn that, with 300 being tested at the Monticello facility, there is a chance of false positives.

Porter also said the employee that tested positive in August has recovered and should be back at work later this week.

If the second round of weekly testing produces all negatives, the nursing home will likely revert back to monthly testing of employees and residents.

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