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Tuesday UI cases

The seven-day positivity rate on campus fell for the fifth time in six days, to 0.4 percent.

That’s also the UI’s single-day rate after 40 new cases emerged from 10,214 new tests, according to data updated Tuesday.

It marked the sixth straight day that the daily rate was 0.5 percent or lower on campus.

Since Aug. 24, when classes began, there have been 1,649 unique cases of COVID-19 on campus.

Since Aug. 16, when move-in week kicked off, there have been 1,931 cases.

Tuesday UI positivity

Here’s a daily breakdown of tests and unique cases since students began reporting to campus in mid-August, according to the UI’s COVID-19 dashboard:

  • Monday, Sept. 14: 10,214 new tests, 40 new cases
  • Sunday, Sept. 13: 4,568 new tests, 17 new cases
  • Saturday, Sept. 12: 4,009 new tests, 10 new cases
  • Friday, Sept. 11: 11,253 new tests. 35 news cases
  • Thursday, Sept. 10: 6,626 new tests, 34 new cases
  • Wednesday, Sept. 9: 11,993 new tests, 47 new cases
  • Tuesday, Sept. 8: 11,621 new tests, 81 new cases
  • Monday, Sept. 7: 6,299 new tests, 69 new cases
  • Sunday, Sept. 6: 2,987 new tests, 37 new cases
  • Saturday, Sept. 5: 2,609 new tests, 37 new cases
  • Friday, Sept. 4: 14,204 new tests, 104 new cases
  • Thursday, Sept. 3: 14,841 new tests, 88 new cases
  • Wednesday, Sept. 2: 7,089 new tests, 120 new cases
  • Tuesday, Sept. 1: 14,367 new tests, 199 new cases
  • Monday, Aug. 31: 17,227 new tests, 230 new cases
  • Sunday, Aug. 30: 3,640 new tests, 104 new cases
  • Saturday, Aug. 29: 2,895 new tests, 50 new cases
  • Friday, Aug. 28: 15,030 new tests, 65 new cases
  • Thursday, Aug. 27: 15,123 new tests, 60 new cases
  • Wednesday, Aug. 26: 6,812 new tests, 54 new cases
  • Tuesday, Aug. 25: 15,850 new tests, 89 new cases
  • Monday, Aug. 24: 17,656 new tests, 79 new cases
  • Sunday, Aug. 23: 4,474 new tests, 53 new cases
  • Saturday, Aug. 22: 3,326 new tests, 43 new cases
  • Friday, Aug. 21: 10,877 new tests, 54 new cases
  • Thursday, Aug. 20: 10,742 new tests, 52 new cases
  • Wednesday, Aug. 19: 6,300 new tests, 29 new cases
  • Tuesday, Aug. 18: 6,162 new tests, 20 new cases
  • Monday, Aug. 17: 9,064 new tests, 24 new cases
  • Sunday, Aug. 16: 2,453 new tests, 7 new cases

DANVILLE PRISON: Eight confirmed cases among staff, none among inmates

An eighth staff member at the Danville Correctional Center has tested positive for COVID-19, according to data from the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Of the eight, only one is classified as recovered, according to IDOC. No inmates have tested positive at the Danville prison, records show.

State prisons have been among the hardest-hit facilities throughout the pandemic. The totals, according to IDOC:

— Inmates with confirmed cases: 1,356, with 893 of those now recovered. The most widespread outbreaks occurred in:

  • Stateville: 275 confirmed, 267 recovered
  • East Moline: 274 confirmed, 111 recovered
  • Jacksonville: 215 confirmed, 172 recovered

— Staff members with confirmed cases: 672, with 539 of those now recovered. The most widespread outbreaks occurred in:

  • Stateville: 115 confirmed, 107 recovered
  • Menard: 94 confirmed, 82 recovered

Tuesday UI tests

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY: 3,385 recovered, 406 active

After three straight days of triple-digit decreases, the number of cases classified as active in Champaign County rose by 121 Tuesday.

Of 9,088 newly processed tests, 136 came back positive, a rate of 1.5 percent. The county’s seven-day positivity rate now stands at 1.3 percent.

Recovered cases now outnumber active ones, 3,385 to 406, according to C-U Public Health data updated on Tuesday.

Hospitalizations (one) and the death toll (20) remained unchanged.

Over the course of the pandemic, 382,263 tests have now produced 3,811 confirmed cases in Champaign County.

Tuesday county active

Here’s an updated rundown of county ZIP codes with active cases followed by their total number of cases, according to C-U Public Health District data:

  • 61820/Champaign: 241 active (up 75 from Monday), 1,718 total (up 82)
  • 61801/Urbana: 40 active (up 11 from Monday), 348 total (up 13)
  • 61822/Champaign: 29 active (up eight from Monday), 263 total (up nine)
  • 61821/Champaign: 25 active (up nine from Monday), 390 total (up 10)
  • 61802/Urbana: 19 active (up six from Monday), 303 total (up seven)
  • 61874/Savoy: 13 active (up two from Monday), 101 total (up three)
  • 61853/Mahomet: 13 active (up three from Monday), 130 total (up five)
  • 61873/St. Joseph: 7 active (up two from Monday), 65 total (up two)
  • 61866/Rantoul: 7 active (up two from Monday), 291 total (up two)
  • 61880/Tolono: 4 active (up one from Monday), 48 total (up one)
  • 61859/Ogden: 2 active (unchanged from Monday), 8 total (unchanged)
  • 61847/Gifford: 2 active (up one from Monday), 9 total (up one)
  • 61877/Sidney: 1 active (unchanged from Monday), 17 total (unchanged)
  • 61863/Pesotum: 1 active (unchanged from Monday), 12 total (unchanged)
  • 61816/Broadlands: 1 active (up one from Monday), 2 total (up one)
  • 61843/Fisher: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 34 total (unchanged)
  • 61864/Philo: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 14 total (unchanged)
  • 61845/Foosland: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 10 total (unchanged)
  • 61878/Thomasboro: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 10 total (unchanged)
  • 61875/Seymour: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 6 total (unchanged)
  • 61849/Homer: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 6 total (unchanged)
  • 60949/Ludlow: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 6 total (unchanged)
  • 61840/Dewey: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 5 total (unchanged)
  • 61871/Royal: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 5 total (unchanged)
  • 61872/Sadorus: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 4 total (unchanged)
  • 61810/Allerton: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 1 total (unchanged)
  • 61851/Ivesdale: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 1 total (unchanged)
  • 61862/Penfield: 0 active (unchanged from Monday), 1 total (unchanged)

Tuesday county positivity

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY: 54 new cases in 11-20 age group, 47 in 21-30

Here’s an updated breakdown of confirmed county cases by age group, according to CUPHD data:

  • 11 to 20: 1,518 cases (up 54 from Monday); 31.6 percent of all tests in Champaign County
  • 21 to 30: 989 cases (up 47 from Monday); 31.7 percent of tests
  • 31 to 40: 411 cases (up 12 from Monday); 10.7 percent of tests
  • 41 to 50: 290 cases (up seven from Monday); 8.5 percent of tests
  • 51 to 60: 233 cases (up five from Monday); 7.8 percent of tests
  • 10 and under: 149 cases (up six from Monday); 1.6 percent of tests
  • 61 to 70: 119 cases (up three from Monday); 4.9 percent of tests
  • 71 to 80: 58 cases (up two from Monday); 1.9 percent of tests
  • 81 to 90: 32 cases (unchanged from Monday); 0.9 percent of tests
  • 91 to 100: 12 cases (unchanged from Monday); 0.3 percent of tests

Tuesday Vermilion

VERMILION COUNTY: 32 new cases, 3.8 percent seven-day rate

Vermilion County set a single-day high for newly confirmed COVID-19 cases, reporting 32 on Tuesday.

“There are multiple connections between positive cases through marriage, households, workplaces and small outings with friends and family,” county health Administrator Doug Toole said.

Also, two of the positive cases reported today traveled out of state, Toole said.

The breakdown by age of the new cases:

  • Two pre-schoolers
  • Two teens
  • Eight in their 20s
  • Two in their 30s
  • Two in their 40s
  • Nine in their 50s
  • Five in their 70s
  • Two in their 80s

Vermilion, which was among 30 counties on put on IDPH’s coronavirus warning list on Friday, now has 471 confirmed cases.

Its seven-day positivity rate stands at 3.8 percent, its single-day rate at 2.03 percent.

ST. JOSEPH: Two students test positive

Both the grade school and high school in St. Joseph have confirmed cases of COVID-19, N-G correspondent Nora Maberry-Daniels reports.

Families with students at St. Joseph Grade School and St. Joseph-Ogden High School were informed of the news in separate letters Tuesday.

The grade school case involves a student who “came down with symptoms over the weekend and has not been in school this week,” Superintendent Todd Pence wrote.

“Due to social distancing in our classrooms, the rest of the students in class will not have to be quarantined,” Pence added. “The remaining students in the classroom are being moved to an empty classroom until the current classroom is deep cleaned. We have identified a few students that were in close proximity to the student while on the school bus. We have contacted all of the parents of these students. These parents will also be contacted by CUPHD who will determine the length of their quarantine.”

For the second time in as many weeks, SJ-O Superintendent Brian Brooks also informed families, students and staff of a positive test from the weekend.

“We were notified late yesterday, and the student has not been in school since last week. This is not related to the previous student case,” Brooks wrote.

“We did have a few students who have been identified as having prolonged close contact to this particular COVID-19 case. Those students have been placed in a 14-day quarantine to assist in preventing further spread of COVID-19 within SJO. Those families have already been contacted.”

COVID-19 cases have cropped up at schools across the area in recent weeks:

— On Monday, students at Salt Fork High School resumed in-person classes after two weeks of remote learning following four confirmed cases. It was a “smooth day back,” Superintendent Phil Cox reported.

— After recording four positive tests for COVID-19 last week, the Blue Ridge school district announced Friday it would shift to all-remote learning through at least Sept. 25.

— Oakwood Grade School closed for three days — Aug. 31, Sept. 1-2 — after three positive cases were confirmed. The school reopened for in-person instruction on Sept. 3, with Superintendent Larry Maynard writing in a letter to families and staff: “According to the Vermilion County Department of Public Health, our quick responsiveness to the concern and our temporary closure of in-person instruction at Oakwood Grade School was a helpful precautionary measure of prevention that has successfully helped mitigate this situation.”

— On Sept. 6, Cerro Gordo officials announced that the high school classes was shifting to remote learning until at least Sept. 21 after seven people tested positive for COVID-19. Four were reported on Sept. 3-4, with another three on Sept. 5-6.

— On Sept. 4, families in the Mahomet-Seymour school district were informed that a Lincoln Trail Elementary teacher and Middletown Prairie Elementary student had tested positive, leading to 18 people being quarantined.

Two weeks earlier, on the first day of classes, two Middletown Prairie students tested positive.

— On Sept. 3, Paxton-Buckley-Loda announced that a high school student tested positive. Superintendent Cliff McClure sent a similar note to families on Aug. 21, when a fourth-grader at Clara Peterson Elementary gave the district its first confirmed case.

— On Aug. 28, families and staff were notified of a student testing positive at Rantoul High.

A day later, it was revealed that two students at Rantoul’s J.W. Eater Junior High had tested positive but that no other students or staff were at risk from being in close contact with either case, according to Principal Scott Woods.