My CPAP machine literally helps me breathe easier as I sleep, but I wonder if I should keep using it if I develop symptoms of COVID-19. Any special do’s/don’ts for cleaning CPAP equipment at this time — or precautions for those with someone who uses a CPAP?

I think it would be extremely helpful if you devoted one column to a glossary of medical professionals. By that, I mean trying to make sense of what has become an alphabet soup of designations for the various people one sees now at Carle and Christie and elsewhere.

How come there hasn't been any West Nile virus in the area this summer? (Not that anybody wants it.) Isn't it unusual for East Central Illinois to still be West Nile-free when summer is nearly over?

Why doesn’t the diaper bank just give out cloth diapers, which can be continuously reused, rather than supply client with the throwaways that end up in the landfills and hardly ever go away?

Q: Are some nursing homes considered to be better than others for temporary short-term stays — for example, after you’re discharged from a hospital but aren’t yet able to take care of yourself at home?

What are the patient's rights in accepting or rejecting their primary care physician's or specialist's recommendations for tests? I know some tests are necessary, but what about numerous requests for tests that seem to the patient to be (pardon the pun) overkill?

Which eye vitamin or vitamin supplement is best to slow the progression of macular degeneration? Would that choice need to be updated with aging and the state of the progression?