Q: Are some nursing homes considered to be better than others for temporary short-term stays — for example, after you’re discharged from a hospital but aren’t yet able to take care of yourself at home?

What are the patient's rights in accepting or rejecting their primary care physician's or specialist's recommendations for tests? I know some tests are necessary, but what about numerous requests for tests that seem to the patient to be (pardon the pun) overkill?

Which eye vitamin or vitamin supplement is best to slow the progression of macular degeneration? Would that choice need to be updated with aging and the state of the progression?

Q: I have a 90 percent disability, 60 percent from Parkinson's. I am home by myself a lot of the time. My balance is bad, and I'm afraid that I may fall. Am I entitled to a medical button that detects falls?

Whatever became of the money dispute between Presence Health and the foundation boards of the Urbana and Danville hospitals that are now part of OSF HealthCare? Did that ever get resolved?

Some airlines have new rules for passengers who want to fly with animals in the cabin area, but cargo areas aren't necessarily safest for pets. What do veterinarians advise when it comes to safe air travel with pets?