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“And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it. For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?” Luke 9:23-25

This is a very typical fall day, cloudy, windy and cold. But the sun does put in an effort every now and then, and blue sky appears. Also typical, it feels cooler inside than it actually if outside.

It is just too bad, though, that it isn’t as nice as it was this past Monday. Now that was an absolute gorgeous day.

Railside School has its annual hot dog roast and ball game today. The dads and sometimes the moms and older siblings join in. It’s always a much-anticipated event. But today it just wasn’t ideal weather. But I suppose they still played and enjoyed it to the max.

My Monday had started out on pretty good footing until hubby jerked the rug right out from under my feet!

I, once again, had a huge laundry, not having done any since the previous Wednesday.

I’m not sure what all I had planned to do, but while eating lunch, quite late due to doing laundry first, hubby reminded me that it is my turn to take supper in to neighbors Lonnie and Hannah Brenneman.

I was like, no, that’s not till Wednesday. He said, “No, it’s the 14th, that’s today; That’s when I passed out! Not! I wanted to make pumpkin muffins. Those had to be baked. I wanted to make fruit salad. I didn’t even have the fruit!

So — I make French toast casserole — I had to go get eggs! I put that in the fridge.

Then I biked to Shady Crest to get fruit, didn’t have any checks in my checkbook, had to charge it. So embarrassing!

I was, at the very least, thankful for the beautiful biking weather!

When I got back, I cooked the sauce for the fruit salad so it had time to cool. Then I got the muffins in the oven. I had to use mom’s as ours isn’t fixed yet.

I cut up the fruit, checked the sauce, yuck! That stuff was awful! That went out on the compost pile. How can a person mess up on fruit sauce? It wasn’t easy!

The muffins were done, the dishes were multiplying on the sink like rabbits! I made frosting for the muffins. That was also way below par, but passable. I guess.

OK, now do I have everything? Oh no! I forgot to get syrup for the French toast. Oh well. And the fruit has no sauce. Oh well.

Hey! I believe I have time to wash the dishes before I take the food to Lonnies.

I had brought in the laundry when I got back from Shady Crest so it was in baskets “curing.”

I washed the dishes, stacked them in the sink so they could patiently drain while I’m gone.

I hope Lonnies liked the supper. I enjoy doing something like that. It’s just — I’m always late and so unorganized!

Anyway, when I got back, hubby was drying the dishes and putting away what he could. Bless his heart. That helped so much! Even if the dishes still had a few “tears.” Drying dishes one-handed is not an easy feat!

When I went to get eggs at neighbor Floyds, some of the neighbor women had gathered in Floyds’ shed and were making applesauce for Hannah. I was actually envious that I couldn’t help. That would have been so much fun!

Our weather station is fixed. Yes! Grandsons Jeffrey and Galen came over Monday evening and fixed it. I am so grateful! Isn’t it nice to have grandsons?

I did laundry again today. I got my lines folded down on the south side. I had a terrible time remembering how to do it. Then I had to wash a summer’s worth of fly dirt off the lines. So now I guess I’ll go bring it in.

Maybe then I can wash the lunch dishes. They have been glaring at me while I write. I told myself I wasn’t going to do that anymore, but ...

In closing: “I’ve never been surprised by God’s judgment — but I’m still stunned by his grace.” Max Lucado

Since today is so chilly I thought this recipe sounded good. And comforting.