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“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulders, and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” — Isaiah 9:6

We have a beautiful sunny day. It is cold, but on the inside, looking out, it is nice — especially after the dreary, gray day yesterday, with weepy clouds all day.

This morning, the temperature was down to 19 degrees, with a wind chill of 4. Quite a switch. It is now sunny on this Tuesday afternoon, but still quite chilly.

It was a different day for me. Hubby didn’t go to work. He came home yesterday barely able to walk, his back hurt so bad. So today he is just at home. I still had to go clean, but then I had the rest of the day at home.

I had so many things I wanted to do, or maybe I should say that needed to be done. One is to defrost both refrigerators. And no, I did not. I can push that off. I decided to get my writing done first, and that can take most of the day.

I did my laundry yesterday. I had to dry it all inside, which wasn’t that big of a deal. I actually hadn’t planned to do it because I knew granddaughter Kaitlyn Yoder was coming. I had decided to make party mix and maybe marshmallow treats, figuring she could help me.

Well, turns out she was sick, poor thing. I read some books to her before lunch. She wanted me to read after lunch. And bad me, I told her I would as soon as I was done with the dishes. By then, she was sleeping. I knew for sure, then, that she was sick. She never sleeps here. I decided to let her sleep and go do my laundry.

I had taken her with me to Cottontail Fabrics before going to get Erwin. I was thinking it might not be a good idea to take her there. That place has a lot of things to catch a little girl’s eyes. But she didn’t say much. That should have clued me in that she’s not feeling well.

Anyway, she woke up before I was done with the laundry. She again wanted me to read, and again, bad me, I told her I had to finish washing. I had only three small loads left.

Jane, her mom, came before I was done. I felt so bad that I didn’t just stop and read books. I could have finished washing after she went home. She is still sick today with a bad head cold.

We had our HCK Christmas supper Friday evening. We had a very delicious meal. Of course, that’s a given. There was an air of sadness on the evening, as Mrs. Adlai Helmuth Edna has so recently passed away. I missed her smiling face.

We have 14 days of shopping left before Christmas — which really doesn’t affect me, as we don’t do a lot of shopping. We siblings — or anyway, some of us — go together and get our mom something big, something she really needs.

I generally do some baking for people with work connections.

I am so disgusted with myself. After Kaitlyn went home, I decided to go ahead and make the party mix. I forgot to check the oven. Sometimes it is hotter than what the temperature is set at, and yes, that was the case. Grr! Now the party mix tastes just on this side of being burned. It’s not fit to give away!

I guess I’ll give it to daughter Cindy’s children in Dale. They eat most anything, and lots of it! The boys have not one ounce of fat on their lanky frames. I guess with them being so tall, the food has a long way to go and is worn out before it gets to where it is supposed to go. All in fun, boys!

I hope my baking goes better!

Our daughter, Rachel, and Lloyd Yoder had their family Christmas this past Saturday night and Sunday. They all went to La Cascada, the Mexican place along Illinois 133 in Arthur, for supper and took us along. We enjoyed it, except I can’t understand the waiters/waitresses. Maybe I should talk Amish to them; then they would know how I feel!

In closing, despite all the miracle drugs nowadays, the best medicine for most ailments is a big hug or a smile from someone who cares.

Maybe we can have this different dessert for a holiday brunch.