Most can persist beyond a first frost to be harvestable a little later than other, more tender garden crops.

Staff writer Paul Wood chats with the retired UI Geography Department staff cartographer and lecturer and latest winner of the Illinois Arts Legacy Award. He's had a long relationship with Japan House, whose gardens he designed, donated, and constructed and continues to maintain.

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Partridge pea, an annual native plant that frequents prairies, has special nectar glands outside its flowers that attract ants, which defend it against leaf herbivores and seed predators through aggressive, defensive behavior or by removing herbivore eggs directly from the plant.

Fall weather can create ideal planting conditions, with temperatures cooling off and roots requiring less moisture. In addition, we typically get a good amount of rain to help ensure adequate soil moisture going into winter.

On a beautiful fall-like morning last week, a group of East Central Illinois Master Naturalists helped Urbana Park District Natural Areas Coordinator Matt Balk clip Canada goldenrod stems to stop its spread and collecting seeds from prairie sunflower to spread elsewhere in the park.

It’s Ron Bailey’s favorite day of work, even if it means longer hours. Starting at 7 a.m. today until supplies last, he’ll help hand out 4,000 free roses at his Blossom Basket shops in Champaign, 2522 Village Green Place, and Urbana, 1002 N. Cunningham Ave.

As you might imagine, my family spends a considerable amount of time out observing the wonders of the natural world, and I am always fascinated by the way my kids view and interpret things in nature. Many times, their straightforward and simple perspective makes me feel like such a dummy. Th…

Since 2000, U.S. Fish and Wildlife biologist Cathy Pollack and her team have been working to restore and preserve the rare eastern prairie fringed orchid (Platanthera leucophaea), one of the most beautiful native flowers in Illinois.

Thanks to the continued volunteer efforts of C-U Sunrise Rotary, the Decker Garden — a colorful ode to late Champaign Central music teacher Don Decker — continues to flourish at Mattis Park.