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Since 2000, U.S. Fish and Wildlife biologist Cathy Pollack and her team have been working to restore and preserve the rare eastern prairie fringed orchid (Platanthera leucophaea), one of the most beautiful native flowers in Illinois.

Thanks to the continued volunteer efforts of C-U Sunrise Rotary, the Decker Garden — a colorful ode to late Champaign Central music teacher Don Decker — continues to flourish at Mattis Park.

Sunny June skies will be a welcome addition to the 2019 Vermilion County Garden Walk, featuring a number of garden spaces that Master Gardeners are well acquainted with but the general public often doesn't visit.

In this season of multitudes of seed-catalog mailings, I have found it to be an ideal time to set gardening goals for the coming year during the down time associated with the shortest and coldest days of the year.

It's nowhere to be found in the Danville Area Community College greenhouses right now, making them a wonderful oasis of green plants and horticulture in action.