It’s infrastructure week in Birdland. Michael is putting up siding on the north wall of the chicken coop while I muck out the corners of the floor where the tiller couldn’t reach.

Many of us may have a gardener on our Christmas list or may be looking for items to add to a list of our own this time of year. Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent some time talking with fellow gardeners, family members and colleagues to come up with some ideas for you or that special garden…

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many of us are stocking up on ingredients for our favorite dishes so we can contribute to the family feast. The Thanksgiving meal has traditionally been a celebration of the year’s harvest, making it a great time to focus on the bountiful harvest right he…

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"Frontier" elm (Ulmus "Frontier") is one of many cultivars and hybrids that were developed in response to the virtual elimination of the American elm by Dutch elm disease.

Every plant has its peak season of both ornamental and ecological interest. With so many plants in full fall color right now, its hard to consider another ornamental attribute.

Gardeners looking to plant new trees or shrubs during this ideal time in fall often face a number of choices when shopping around for materials.

As you are contemplating next spring’s garden plans, consider adding this interesting annual for its unparalleled fall flowering display.

As the last asters of the year are wrapping up their flower display and monarchs are migrating through to more southern latitudes, spring flowers aren’t always at the center of attention for most gardeners.

Birdland is warming up again after some extended coolness blown in by the storms. And the bees are busy — all over my sedum, which is slowly starting to turn pink. In a few weeks, it will toast to a lovely maroon and then dry to a deep brown.

Fall flowers are some of the best of the year since they take a whole season of waiting to finally display their splendor. Beyond their beauty, they provide a valuable food source for pollinators late in the growing, which can be especially important for migrating species such as the monarch…

Birdland has been cool and mild. Hurricanes in the east and in the Gulf have sent the prairie this lovely weather, so there is sadness blowing in on these cool breezes. We think of friends who evacuated from New Orleans and friends in Brooklyn who had to decide between running downstairs to …

In recent weeks, University of Illinois Extension has received reports of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) spottings across central Illinois.

Roadside plantings of pollinator habitats can present some risk of insect mortality from passing traffic, but the benefits outweigh the risks.

After being given the right amount of time and space to get established, my native Culver's root plants are tall and beautifully buzzing with tiny pollinators.

What strengthens immune systems, improves eyesight, reduces stress levels, supports physical fitness and enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills?

All aspects of tree care are going to be increasingly important to ensure a healthy and diverse urban forest as communities adapt to our changing climate.

In the heat of July, it seems out of place to consider fall frost, but it is an important detail for vegetable gardeners planning a fall garden.

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