TOTM run

Derrick Burson and Josh Whitman after last Friday’s chilly run in Lincoln, Neb.

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Saturday’s forecast in Minneapolis calls for temperatures in the 20s, which comes as good news for University of Illinois running partners Josh Whitman (right) and Derrick Burson.

“Positively balmy!” Whitman said. “The bigger concern might be finding solid footing free of ice and snow, but I’m confident we’ll get it in.”

Whitman and Burson have made it a tradition to hoof it 10 miles together while on the road with Illinois basketball. Last Friday’s visit to Nebraska — where it was minus-2 — nearly did them in, as shown clearly in the frozen-faced selfie Whitman tweeted.

“Tradition is tradition,” Whitman said. “We have run in some cold weather previously, but this certainly took it to a new level. Illini are tough!”

Saturday’s jog ahead of a 2:30 p.m. tipoff at Minnesota should be a breeze for the athletic director and men’s basketball sports information director. In other words, no icicle beards afterward.

“I’ve been really surprised by the traffic that tweet caused,” Whitman said. “But the best comment probably came from my wife, Hope, because she knows how committed (crazy?) Derrick and I are. She wasn’t surprised in the least. Her roll of the eyes said a lot.”

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