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“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn by me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest in your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

Ahh! What a wonderful afternoon as I type my letter. A gentle breeze is wafting in the east window, the sun is shining. The early morning was beautiful.

It got chilly just before daylight, but has really warmed up. So typical fallish.

I really expected we’d have rain and maybe even some storms this week.

Sunday morning, the east was really red. It looked awesome, but nothing developed.

We actually could use a good shower or two. I don’t think I’ll mow yard this week. Not only do I not have time, but the grass looks really dry in places.

I should actually get the garden cleared off. I believe both of the girls, Rachel and Jane, have theirs cleared off. I think Jane even has cover crop growing in their garden. Maybe I should try cover crop again. I did twice and even that didn’t grow.

Anyway, I may get to the garden today. Erwin has vacation Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I did my cleaning job last night so I could have all day at home. A rare treat for me. I even got my laundry done early. I love hanging out the stuff when the stars are still twinkling.

You know, sometimes I complain (to myself, mostly) about having to get up so early. But if I didn’t get up early, I would miss out on the peace and beauty of the early-morning hours.

I’m not sure how efficient my planning is because earlier I had thought if I clean on Wednesday evening, I don’t have to leave early Thursday morning. Erwin has a doctor appointment around 10 a.m. Thursday. And I have to clean Thursday evening, as we are going to a wedding on Friday. So now I am in sort of a quandary. If I don’t go clean tonight (Wednesday), I’ll have to leave three times on Thursday. I guess I’ll see how I feel by evening. I have a sneaky feeling I’ll go tonight, as it really is nice not to have to leave so early mornings.

This past Saturday was the Decatur Bicycle Club’s annual bike ride. I wonder how many hundreds of people gathered in Arthur.

One poor fellow didn’t even get to the next town before he had a blowout. So he was delayed. I saw him later on at the bike shop getting fixed up.

On my way home from work, I met quite a few of the bikers. I tell you, I felt like a workhorse on an old clunker, meeting all these sleek bikers whizzing along. The tires on their bikes were so slim they could barely hold a thimbleful of air. I did meet a pair on a tandem bike. I thought, “How fun!”

When I got home, I had numerous things to do. But once again, my “maid” wanted to flop on the recliner. Which happened for awhile. I did then get up and do the laundry.

I had actually cleaned part of the house Thursday and decided I’d mow the yard Friday, which is what I did. Except before I got done mowing, a couple of ladies came — Jan from Mahomet and her friend, Barbara, from Champaign.

Jan brought scads of material she didn’t want. So I shut off my mower and we had the most delightful visit.

And what usually happens when I get interrupted, it is hard to get back on track. I did finish mowing, but by then I was too tired (or lazy) to finish cleaning the house. I figured I could finish Saturday when I get home from work. Well, guess again! After I had done my laundry, our grandson, Wendell Miller from Dale, came by. So we visited. He was here for quite a while, an hour or so, waiting on his ride to go home.

Anyway, when he left and the laundry was put away, yes, I was too tired or lazy to finish cleaning house, so ...

I did clean up and sweep Monday morning after I got home from work. So it really did look civilized again. It really wasn’t that bad, anyway!

Then there is this person in Champaign who thinks my column is a little disappointing as he never sees his name mentioned. Well, since I don’t know him personally and I never hear if he does something worth mentioning — noble, off the wall or otherwise — it is kind of hard. But will this work? Hi, Hap! How are you?

In closing, if temptation is knocking, let Jesus get the door.

Maybe you’d like these harvest-time pickles?

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