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“But don’t forget that Ginger Rogers did everything [Fred Astair] did ... backwards and in high heels.” (From a Frank and Ernest comic strip by Bob Thaves in 1982.)

I’m winding down my quarantine. One more week at this swanky hotel, and I will be able to go to campus and meet my students in person. I’m getting into a routine, and I hope I can keep it up even beyond this little world.

When my bees leave the hive for the first time, they take an orientation flight, spiraling up to get the lay of the land, climbing to view from all directions.

Just like that, the tawny wall of corn is gone. And just like that, our view to the woods is unobstructed. We can see the trees at the fence line behind our house. We can see Uncle David’s big rock to the west. The grass waterways on the morning and evening side of our house are visible agai…

In Birdland, we had our first frost. I knew it was coming and had a harvest of herbs and squash on my to-do list for the day but lost track of time. In the wee hours, I remembered the plants from the front porch, so I carried in my Norfolk Island pine and the big dish of succulents I planted…

'2021 is going to be an interesting year for all the travel agencies, airlines and everyone,' said Donica Halcom, who runs Destinations with Donica in Savoy. 'We hope to get back maybe not to the way it was, but to some normalcy.'

SAVOY — All things being equal, Karyn Miller and her daughter Ally, a high school senior, would rather have been in New York City on Friday waiting in line for a Broadway show. That was the spring break that the Savoy mother and daughter, an aspiring performer, had planned.

With the concern over the new coronavirus spreading everywhere on the planet, can I buy insurance that will cover cancellations of my nonrefundable vacation plans because of the fear of the coronavirus becoming epidemic or pandemic?

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