About those pedal pubs ...


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Here's a sample of what's to come:

"My question is about the so-called pedal pub that for some reason is allowed free rein downtown thanks to our city council members, many of whom don’t work downtown. In the last couple of weeks I was one of a block full of frustrated drivers behind it on one lane Church Street (on a weekday morning) and then again on a Friday night, making a left turn from Washington onto Neil Street, an already impossible task. Has the city not gotten complaints? I’m not sure what the rationale is behind for giving pedaling drinkers carte blanche but I think it’s time for the city council to think about actually saying no every once in a while rather than rubber-stamping every tax break and alcohol fueled business."

We got a similar question last year and Mayor Deb Feinen said at that time that the city hadn’t received any formal criticism of the business.

Asked again this week, she replied, "We have not had any official complaints. I occasionally hear anecdotal complaints like the one you shared about slower traffic when talking to people. However for the most part people seem to enjoy riding and having it downtown as part of our vibrant and fun business district."

She said there are no plans among council members to further regulate the business.



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