Census: County's Asian population on the rise


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Come 2035, the number crunchers at the Census Bureau report, history will be made: For the first time, there will be more people over age 65 (78 million) than under 18 (76.4 million) living in the U.S.

Closer to home, that's a long way from playing out in Champaign County, where the median age remains a smidge under 30 (28.6 for men, 31.5 for women), according to a fresh batch of population estimates due to be released today by the bureau.

Here's more on the new data for the period that covers July 1, 2016, through July 1,2017, care of Editor JEFF D'ALESSIO.

— Of the 3,142 counties counted in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, there are now 150 with 25,000-plus Asian residents. Checking in at No. 150: Champaign County, which grew by 306 Asians in one year, giving it 25,212. At 22.2 million, Asians represent the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population.

— Asians make up 12 percent of Champaign County's population. Accounting for another 14.9 percent: the 32,230 black or African-American residents — though that figure is less unique, putting Champaign at 278th nationally. (For overall population, it's No. 318 — sandwiched between Pennsylvania's Lackawanna County and Alabama's Tuscaloosa County.)

— Champaign County's neighbors have aged well. Only Douglas has a median age (38.7) that's within a decade of Champaign's number. The 40-and-over crowd includes Piatt (43.0), Ford (42.7) and Vermilion (40.0).

— While Champaign County's estimated gender gap is too close to call — 104,865 women, 104,534 men — 85-and-over women (2,381) dwarf the number of men (1,310) in that age bracket here.

— One of a couple handfuls of Illinois counties to grow every year this decade, Champaign (pop. 209,399) should have 10th place on Illinois' most-populous-counties list all to itself for years to come, with 12,947 more residents than No. 11 Sangamon.

— Headed in the opposite direction: Vermilion (pop. 77,909), still the 22nd-largest of Illinois' 102 counties despite its population dropping every year this decade. It now has 17,293 fewer people than it did at the time of the 1980 census. Over the same period, Champaign County is plus-41,007.

— Only 55 counties in America lost more residents from 2010 to 2017 than Vermilion's 3,716. Among them: last-place Wayne (Mich.) County, home to Detroit, which 66,957 people have fled in seven years.