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There will be plenty of competition for several seats in area counties — as well as one crowded congressional district — when the primary election is held on March 17, 2020. As of Monday’s 5 p.m. filing deadline, here are the lineups. (Incumbents noted by asterisk).


13th District: Rodney Davis* (R-Taylorville), Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (D-Springfield), Stefanie Smith (D-Urbana)

15th District: Darren Duncan (R-Rossville), Kerry Wolff (R-Altamont), Mary Miller (R-Oakland), Chuck Ellington (R-Camargo), Kimberly Wade (R-Grafton), Kent Gray (R-Leland Grove), Craig Morton (D-Salem), Kevin Gaither (D-Charleston), Erika Weaver (D-Mattoon), John Hursey Jr. (D-Collinsville)


Circuit clerk: Katie Blakeman* (R), Robert Burkhalter (D), Susan McGrath (D)

Coroner: Duane Northrup* (R), Chaundra Bishop (D)

Recorder: Mike Ingram (D), Mark Shelden* (R)

Auditor: George Danos* (D)

State’s attorney: Julia Rietz* (D)

County board District 1: Jacob Paul (R)

County board 2: Diane Michaels (R)

County board 3: Stanley Harper* (R), Beau Barber (D)

County board 4: Kellie Lee-Mansfield (D), Brad Passalacqua (R)

County board 5: Jordan Humphrey (D)

County board 6: Richard Montgomery (R), DeShawn Williams (D), Charles Young* (D)

County board 7: Kyle Patterson* (D)

County board 8: Emily Rodriguez (D), Giraldo Rosales* (D)

County board 9: Jennifer Straub (D), Cynthia Fears (D), Steve Summers* (D)

County board 10: Mary King (D), Chris Stohr* (D), Connie Dillard-Myers* (D)

County board 11: Titianna Ammons (D)


State’s attorney: Kate Watson* (R)

Circuit clerk: Kaitlin Rund (R), Nathan Barton (R), Amariah Hays (R), Terra Carter-Smith (R)

Coroner: Joe Victor* (R)

County board 1: Dick Hein* (R)

County board 4: Philip Morris* (R), Kimberly Wax (R)

County board 7: Gary Luth (R)


Circuit clerk: Kamalen Johnson Anderson (R), Suzie Shell (R)

Coroner: Brandon Roderick (R)

State’s attorney: Andrew Killian* (R)

County board 1: Tom McQuinn* (R), Jason Johnson* (R)

County board 2: Lesley King (R), Robert Lindgren* (R), Tim Nuss* (R)

County board 3: Emily Lattz (R), Jerry Wright (R), Bernadette Ray* (R), Randy Ferguson* (R)


Circuit clerk: Seth Floyd* (R)

State’s attorney: Sarah Perry (R), Kelly Griffith (R)

County board 1: Jerry Lynn Edwards (R)

County board 2: Gail Jones (R)

County board 3: Todd Henricks (R)


Auditor: Mary Techtow (R), Erika Briggs (R)

Circuit clerk: Melissa Quick (R), Gwendolyn Meeks (D)

Coroner: Jane McFadden* (R)

Recorder: Dave Stone* (R)

State’s attorney: Jacqueline Lacy* (R), Sandra Lawlyes (D)

County board 1: Joel Bird* (R), Connor Gilonskie (D)

County board 2: Chuck Mockbee III* (R), Kevin Green* (R)

County board 3: Shelley McLain (R)

County board 4: Mitch Weaver* (R), Marla Mackiewicz* (R), Carl Johnson (D), Germaine Light (D)

County board 5: Crisi Walls* (R)

County board 6: Mary Ellen Surprenant (R), Tom Morse* (R)

County board 7: Jerry Hawker (R), Gregory Thatcher* (D)

County board 8: Nancy O’Kane* (D), Robert Boyd* (D)

County board 9: Becky Stark *(D), Diana Frazier-Brenneman* (D)


Tom Difanis vacancy: Scott Lerner (D), Jason Bohm (R)

A.G. Webber vacancy: Jeffrey Geisler (R)

Mike Jones vacancy: Cheralyn Kesler (R), David Moore (D), Ruth Wyman (D), Troy Lozar (D), Ramona Sullivan (D)

Hugh Finson vacancy: Dana Rhoades (R)


Robert Freitag vacancy: Jason Chambers (R)


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