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DANVILLE — A longtime furniture store and anchor business of downtown Danville announced it will be closing its doors on the heels of the closure of a popular restaurant.

Manager Greg Wilson said Turk Furniture, 200 N. Vermilion St., launched a store-closing liquidation sale last Wednesday.

Wilson said a closing date hasn’t been set at this time.

“It’s just whenever it’s gone,” he said Monday, adding the store is open seven days a week, and every item from furniture to home furnishings to accessories is on sale.

A few miles north on North Vermilion Street, Emin and Mirlinda Musaj were cleaning out Five Star Family Restaurant, 3216 N. Vermilion St., which closed Sunday afternoon after 13 years in business, to make way for a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise.

Carrie Reckert, a spokeswoman for Dunkin’s Midwest region, said the doughnut shop is set to open in late 2020 or early the following year. She was still waiting to hear from the corporation’s construction arm on building plans.

While the Musajs enjoyed running the restaurant and loved their staff and customers, Mirlinda Musaj said it was time for her husband to retire.

“He’s worked enough,” she said of her husband, who’s been in the restaurant business for 30 years. “It’s time for him to just relax and enjoy life.”

Wilson said Turk Furniture has been in business in Danville for 37 years. It still operates stores in Joliet, Bradley, Ottawa and LaSalle.

Before it was Turk, the building across Vermilion Street from the Vermilion County administration building housed Leath Furniture, where Wilson worked for 13 years.

“It’s extremely sad to see the store close after all these years,” Wilson said, adding it’s probably the largest business in the downtown.

He and his wife, Lesley, the office manager, plan to retire when it closes.

He added there are 11 other full- and part-time employees, aside from temporary workers that were hired to assist with the closing.

“Most of them seem to be OK,” Wilson said, adding a few were retiring and two have already found different jobs.

Wilson thanked the Vermilion County community and store’s customers.

“We’ve had a lot of loyal customers who’ve purchased with us over the years,” he said. “We’ve met thousands of people … who weren’t here for just a few minutes. They’d come her for an hour or a couple of hours at a time, and you really got to know them.”

The Musajs opened Five Star after a Bob Evans franchise closed. Before they opened the Danville business, they owned and operated Two Brothers Restaurant in Westville for 16 years.

Emin Musaj said the restaurant was still going strong. But when they got an offer on their building from the coffee-and-doughnut chain, they decided to step away.

“Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself,” he said with a laugh. “I’ve been doing this for so long.”

The couple said they’re going to miss their “wonderful” employees, especially Amanda Pascual Arellano and Joee Henk, who worked at the restaurant all 13 years. They will also miss their customers, many of whom were regulars.

Emin Musaj said some customers dined there not only once a week but a couple of times a day.

“When the girls saw a car pulling in, they already had their drink, salad and food ordered for them when they came in,” he said, adding the wait staff would also go ahead and place their orders for dinner later that day.

“We had great customers, and we just want to thank everyone who supported us and our great workers,” added Mirlinda Musaj, who said the couple plans to stay in Westville.


Noelle McGee is a Danville-based reporter at The News-Gazette. Her email is, and you can follow her on Twitter (@n_mcgee).