URBANA — A second person has been arrested in connection with the shooting of a Champaign man last summer.

Over the objection of the state’s attorney’s office, Judge Brett Olmstead allowed Shatiyiah Grady-Bowdry to be released on recognizance Monday after she was arraigned on a single count of aggravated battery with a firearm.

A Champaign police report said Grady-Bowdry, 21, is alleged to have driven the vehicle from which Jazontae Sanders, 21, of Champaign, fired a gun, hitting a man in another vehicle on University Avenue on July 5.

That man told police he was driving east on University between Victor and Fair streets when he was hit multiple times in the torso by someone firing from an SUV that had pulled up alongside his vehicle.

After being shot, the man crashed his SUV into a light pole, and the shooter’s vehicle took off quickly to the east. The victim was able to get out of his vehicle and was helped by a nearby resident until police arrived. He continues to recover from his injuries.

Police used information gathered from automated license-plate readers to trace the SUV used in the shooting to Grady-Bowdry, the girlfriend to Sanders. She is charged under the theory that she is accountable for his actions.

The report said the victim believed the driver of the SUV maneuvered into a position right alongside his SUV that allowed the shooter to target him.

Grady-Bowdry, 21, who listed an address in the 1000 block of Westfield Drive, Champaign, was arrested Friday at her place of employment in Champaign after a warrant for her arrest had been issued the day before.

Judge Roger Webber, who issued the warrant for Grady-Bowdry last week, set her bond at $200,000, but Olmstead allowed her to be released on recognizance. She has no prior convictions and was ordered to have no contact with Sanders.

She’s due back in court April 11. If convicted, she faces at least six to 30 years in prison.


Mary Schenk is a reporter covering police, courts and breaking news at The News-Gazette. Her email is mschenk@news-gazette.com, and you can follow her on Twitter (@schenk).