Jury awards $4.8 million in Danville medical-malpractice case


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DANVILLE — A Vermilion County jury on Wednesday awarded more than $4.8 million to the estate of a Danville woman in a medical-malpractice case against Danville Polyclinic and a local physician.

In a release, Spiros Law said it brought the lawsuit against Dr. Muthiah Thangavelu and Danville Polyclinic, alleging that Thangavelu's negligent conduct resulted in avoidable injury to one of his patients, Linda Shelly.

The suit alleges that as Thangavelu attempted to remove an abdominal cyst during a surgical procedure, he twice cut and removed a portion of Ms. Shelly's right ureter, resulting in permanent and severe injury and ultimately the loss of her right kidney.

Ms. Shelly died after six and a half years of struggling with this injury, according to the family's lawyers.

The lawsuit was originally filed Nov. 2, 2010, according to Vermilion County court records.

Nine years later, the lawsuit was brought before a Vermilion County jury for a trial that started March 18, lasted eight days and went to the jury on Wednesday. After less than three hours of deliberation, jurors found in favor of Ms. Kelly, awarding her estate $4,844,391 for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of normal life expected and emotional distress experienced by her and her family.

Danville Polyclinic at 707 N. Logan Ave. is being acquired by OSF, the Peoria-based Catholic health system. OSF officials announced in late 2018 that OSF they had signed a letter of intent for the sale of the clinic and the merger is expected to be complete in early April.

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