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Q: Now that Dr. William Youngerman is retiring, is he making more plans for his downtown Champaign properties?

A: The longtime Christie Clinic ear, nose and throat doctor said his upcoming retirement from medicine at the end of the month will give him more time to be more involved in redevelopment of the downtown he loves.

In fact, it was because the downtown was "going down" before its rebirth as a popular restaurant, bar and hotel destination that he began adding properties to those already owned by his family, he said.

Youngerman has deep roots in Champaign and its downtown that go beyond the decades both he and his father spent practicing medicine in Christie Clinic's main clinic.

His great-grandfather founded Jos. Kuhn & Co. and his mother once worked for that retailer, he said, and his great-grandfather also built the Lincoln Building across the street from Kuhn's.

Youngerman credits city officials and many others for turning downtown around. He's learned a lot, he said, and he's looking forward to learning more.

"I don't think there have been many cities that have been able to take a downtown and make it as viable as Champaign," he said.


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