Just Askin' | Walking over the Prospect/I-74 bridge


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Q: Will pedestrians be able to walk across the Prospect Avenue bridge over Interstate 74 during construction?

A: No, they won't, at least during part of it.

During the second phase, construction crews will be redoing the east half of the bridge, including where the sidewalk is, said Ken Crawford, IDOT's implementation manager for District 5.

That's scheduled to begin in mid-August through around November. The nearest bridge over Interstate 74 with a sidewalk is Neil Street or Mattis Avenue.

"During stage one, they'll still be able to access that sidewalk," Crawford said.

Construction will begin Monday on the $1.4 million project, which IDOT said should give the 62-year-old bridge another 25 years of life.

Part of what they'll be doing is replacing the joints that connect the ends of the bridge with the pavement.

"Over time, the joint sealers fail and water gets down and rusts down into the beams and saltwater damages the concrete," Crawford said. "So while we're in there, we'll replace that joint and seal that back up."

That work will extend across the bridge, including the sidewalk.

During construction, the four lanes will be reduced to two.

"We're ready to go Monday," Crawford said. "We'll do some prep work, come in and put in temporary traffic signals, start removing the median."

The following week, the temporary barrier walls will be put up reducing traffic to one lane in each direction.

"Try to find an alternate route," Crawford said. "We expect it to be congested."