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CHAMPAIGN — A block of Champaign's West Hill Street that was once home to Alison Krauss may be named in her honor.

The city council will take up a proposal Tuesday evening to designate Hill Street between Elm and Prairie streets the new Honorary Alison Krauss Way.

The singer-songwriter and winner of 27 Grammy Awards lived on this block, at 404 W. Hill St., from 1971 until about 1990, according to an application for the special street designation submitted by Stephan Seyfert of Champaign.

"Ms. Krauss' success has raised the cultural awareness of countless Champaign residents who explore her work because of her connection to our city," Seyfert wrote. "However, it's more appropriate to recognize how Ms. Krauss has made a major cultural impact on the world far beyond Champaign."

Seyfert grew up in Danville, moved to the local community in 1999, and became a fan of Alison Krauss before finding out she hailed from Champaign, he said.

Some people don't recognize the level of what Krauss has accomplished, some of which has also included winning 14 International Bluegrass Music Association awards, nine Country Music Association awards and two Gospel Music Association awards, Seyfert said.

"It's mind-blowing," he said.

There are 43 honorary street designations in the city, and new designations are limited to four a year. Each new designations costs the city $1,000 for the signs.

The city council is specifically being asked to provide staff direction Tuesday to prepare a resolution for the honorary Alison Krauss street name.