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Roundabouts, the Shadow Wood mobile home park, the ongoing bus driver shortage, drug testing at The High School of St. Thomas More, overgrown vegetation and new life for an old car rental shop.

Here’s something I know is keeping you up at night during the holidays when your heating bill is skyrocketing because the windows in your home leak air like the Titanic’s hull leaked water: Can I sue the contractor who built this rathole for breach of implied warranty of habitability?

Based on chats and overheard conversations over the past year at our American Legion post, country club, pubs, coffee shops and outdoor cookouts, we sum up here the continuing Trump loyalties, as we have heard them, but in our words.

It’s infrastructure week in Birdland. Michael is putting up siding on the north wall of the chicken coop while I muck out the corners of the floor where the tiller couldn’t reach.