Among those sharing memories: drama and musical directors from Champaign Central, Urbana, Monticello, Arcola, Rantoul, Salt Fork, DeLand-Weldon, Westville and ALAH.

In Birdland, we’re finally getting a soaking rain. We’ve had a few showers in the past week, but so light that it’s more like walking through a mist than even a sprinkle.

Writes Tom Kuipers: My wife and I are going to have a daughter and could not be more excited to welcome her to the world. With this in mind, I tried to find inspiration in my new role as a parent for the Champaign County Historical Archives’ contribution to this week’s “Inside Out” entry.

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For information about services available to older adults, contact Pam Jacobsen, director of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program and Helen Mary Stevick Senior Citizens Center, 2102 Windsor Place, C, at 217-359-6500. RSVP and the Stevick Center are administered by Family Service of Champa…

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“Thanks to his seasoned experience in various leadership roles and a strong record of dedicated service to ACES, Professor Bollero will provide the stability and the leadership to allow the college to continue moving forward during this transition,” said UI Provost Andreas Cangellaris.

Danville Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. said Mr. Day seemed to be “very intelligent and hard working,” adding he remembers one occasion at Williams’ cousin’s wedding, where Mr. Day, his brothers and his fraternity brothers were helping tear down and set up for the wedding reception.

Lots of music this week, from the Pygmalion festival to the Marching Illini to the Bob Dylan/Carl Perkins song, "Champaign, Illinois." Also, will The Ribeye ever open again?