GEORGETOWN — It’s often said that resolving quarrels before bedtime is a crucial aspect of a lengthy marriage.

By that way of thinking, the two dozen or so couples who gathered for Golden Wedding Day on Wednesday at the Georgetown Fair have been sleeping well for decades.

The annual event brings together couples who’ve been married for 50 years or more to socialize and enjoy live music and light refreshments.

“Years go by fast,” Belva Morris said. “I mean, it’s hard to believe it’s been 70 years because you have children — we only had one — but you’re busy, and it goes fast.”

Belva and her husband, Alfred, are preparing to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on Dec. 6. The Georgetown couple’s romance, however, started on the wrong foot.

Or, more accurately, on two left feet.

“We was in high school together,” Alfred said. “Our freshman year, I went over to ask her to dance. And she refused me. I told a couple of my buddies, ‘I’m gonna make that girl pay for that,’ and I did.”

Alfred is taller than Belva now, but he only stood as tall as Belva’s shoulders that night at the ball.

“I wasn’t about to dance with somebody like that,” Belva said with a smile and a laugh. She eventually came around and the two got married in 1952, well after many in their high school class tied the knot.

No couple at the fairgrounds’ banquet center on Wednesday had been married longer than Alfred and Belva. They were given a gift basket featuring coffee mugs, dish towels, hand soap and other household items donated by the event’s local sponsors.

Danville-based musician Logan Kirby dedicated a song in their honor as the couple was recognized by the entire party.

They soaked in the scene and, as a few more songs passed, Donald and Elaine Woods started dancing. They don’t dance as often as they used to, but the Westville couple of 59 years couldn’t resist the chance to do The Jitterbug.

“We still like to dance,” Elaine said. “Last year, we did The Twist over here.”

The Woodses have been attending Golden Wedding Day ever since celebrating their 50th anniversary nearly a decade ago.

“Loving one another, for one thing,” Donald said. “I met an angel, so I wasn’t about to get rid of her. You have your ups and downs. But the key is to work them out. We’ve done that, and we love each other. She took my heart.”

Cupcakes and ice cream were served during Kirby’s performance, which featured a blend of oldies favorites and hits from the likes of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

The Danville-based musician has performed at the event for the last three years and become a draw in his own right.

“I just love hearing the stories,” Kirby said. “Last year, there was a couple that had been married for 80 years. And that just, you know, that’s incredible. And these people really enjoy the music, and that’s the main thing.”

Several couples have been attending the fair’s annual celebration ever since they hit their 50th year of matrimony. All of the couples were relatively local to Georgetown, though one made the trip over from Indiana.

Others, like Catlin’s Roy and Martha Foster, turned out for the first time on Wednesday.

“We work our problems out one-by-one and we don’t go to bed unhappy,” Roy said of the key to the duo’s 67 years of marriage.

Roy and Violet Pintar, a Georgetown couple of 63 years, were seated with a few other couples across the room.

“(It’s) eating healthy and trusting each other and being honest all the time,” Violet said of the couple’s longevity.

Finding common activities is another key to success, as the Morrises learned. The couple is still going strong and enjoying the things they did nearly seven decades ago.

The title of longest married isn’t necessarily a competition, but it’s an honor Alfred and Belva hope to hold for at least a few more years.

“We have to give credit to a lot of things and people and everything,” Alfred said. “We know it’s getting up there and we’d like to have a few more years on it, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

“I hope that we could win this thing for the next three or four years — or even more.”

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