04292021 monarch
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The friendly folks of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church are happy to host Twin City Garden Club’s annual plant sale each spring. This year, they chipped in by creating a giant-sized monarch to serve as a colorful, meaningful backdrop of a selfie station along Prospect Avenue.

“It blew our socks off,” club President Cheryl Weber said. “It was beyond fabulous.”

Inspired by a painted fence near Prospect and Springfield (Tom’s #Mailbag, Oct. 2), Good Shepherd’s Nancy Holm, Joy Kammerling and Don Block teamed up to create the artwork that will be part of Saturday’s 8 a.m.-to-noon sale. Deacon Jason Fisher said “there are a lot of people in our congregation who are passionate stewards of creation.”

Adding to the butterfly theme: Nearby Faith United Methodist is lending its monarch to brighten up an already lively scene.

All plants on sale Saturday were grown by members of the club, formed in 1930.

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