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Meghan Loschen appreciates the pink anniversary gift as much today as when husband Travis surprised her with it in 2015.

Head to Royal Days on Saturday to see for yourself. Among several of the rural Royal farming family’s antiques that will be part of a first-time tractor show (10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.) is a 1944 Farmall A that Meghan plans to drive in the afternoon parade.

When dating, non-farmer Meghan became intrigued with big-time-farmer Travis’ tools of the trade. If he bought her a pink tractor, Meghan said, she’d learn to mow roadsides with it.

For their first wedding anniversary, Travis delivered. He refurbished a rusty International Harvester with a belly mower, painted it pink and surprised his wife by having it ready for her to find at Historic Farm Days in Penfield. The labeling above the engine gave it away: Meghan’s McCormick Farmall.

Still, it didn’t hit home right away. When she first spotted it, Meghan mentioned to Travis that it looked just like the tractor she’d asked about years before. “It even says Meghan on it,” she said.

“Probably because it’s yours,” Travis responded.

It was love at first sight, although Meghan has yet to use it to cut any grass.

“There’s still black paint on the mower blades,” Travis said. “She says it’s too pretty.”

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