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It’s been six years since Scott Miller won Dancing With The CU Stars. The Champaign businessman admits he might be a bit rusty.

“I used to think I was a good dancer,” Miller said. “My body does not move the way it used to.”

But Miller is back for another dance competition, participating in the fundraiser that benefits the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club.

Organizer Christie Ramshaw, in her 10th and final year in charge, asked Miller to return.

“I couldn’t say no to her or the kids at the Boys & Girls Club,” Miller said.

The event is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Friday at Champaign’s I Hotel. Besides the in-person performance, it can also be seen virtually.

Miller is one of nine dancers, joining Katy Behnke, Tom Fiedler, Gina Hartleb, Matt Jones, Denise Martin, Nicole McGuire, Howard Milton and Luke Sherman. Ramshaw won’t be competing for the Mirror Ball trophy but is dancing to benefit a special scholarship.

How do you win the main event? By bringing in the most cash. Each dollar donated counts as one vote.

Miller, 37, has been on social media, texting and making calls to drum up support. As of Thursday morning, Miller was in the lead with more than $29,000 in donations. If he wins a second Mirror Ball, Miller’s wife, Katie, has promised a prominent display on the family room mantle during the holidays.

To vote, go to:

Each of the contestants is assigned a partner from Art in Motion dancers. Miller is paired with Jacey Rainey. He has been training since early September.

“I’ve had 11 or 12 rehearsals with her so far,” Miller said.

In the first nine years, the event raised more than $2 million. Last year’s competition was held virtually.

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