TOTM 2019 Dancing CU Stars

Dave Kuhl, a participant in the 2019 edition of 'Dancing with the C-U Stars,' poses for a photo with Stephanie Clifton, his dance instructor and partner for the event, set for Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, at The Refinery in Champaign.

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Dave Kuhl turns 70 in December, which gives him an edge on the competition at this weekend’s “Dancing with the C-U Stars.” At least that’s how he’s looking at it.

“If you can win by age,” he said, “then I’m good.”

Kuhl, a longtime C-U difference-maker, is the most “experienced” of the nine local celebrities who will help raise money for the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club. The lineup of agile do-gooders includes Tom Carpenter, Jill Guth, Tony Johnson, Kurt Kiser, Nicole McGuire, Stefanie Pratt, Collin Rector, Darcy Thomas and Greg Tresslar.

A friend of organizers Christie Ramshaw and Sam Banks, Kuhl has been asked to dance before, “but I always had something going on,” he said. “Finally, I decided I need to give it a try.”

Don’t sleep on Kuhl, who has dancing experience from his days with the Champaign Urbana Theatre Company. Cobwebs might be an issue, however, with Kuhl last taking the dance floor for his daughter’s wedding in 2009.

“Calling my dancing ‘rusty’ would be highly complimentary,” he said.

Ten sessions with Stephanie Clifton, his dance instructor and partner at Friday night's event, have helped. So has encouragement from his family (wife Barb, two kids, five grandkids), who will cheer him on as part of a huge crowd at The Refinery in Champaign.

“Why would I be nervous when you haven’t danced in years and you have to dance in front of 500 people?” Kuhl said. “I’ve said all along I’m doing this for the kids. They deserve all the support we can give them.”