PC Overton hit run

Derek Overton, 24, of Champaign, arraigned Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019, on two counts of aggravated battery and leaving the scene of a personal-injury accident in a Sept. 24 hit and run in west Champaign.

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URBANA — A Champaign man who allegedly drove into a crowd in September, seriously injuring two people, is due back in court next month.

Derek Overton, 24, whose last known address was in the 2600 block of West Springfield Avenue, was arraigned Wednesday on two counts of aggravated battery — one of which accuses him of leaving a man paralyzed — and leaving the scene of a personal-injury accident.

He was also arraigned for a separate residential burglary and theft that allegedly happened days before.

Arrest warrants for Overton in each of those cases had been issued in September. Champaign County Street Crimes Task Force officers, with help from the U.S. Marshal’s Service, found Overton on Tuesday afternoon in the 100 block of Kenwood Road, Champaign.

Assistant State’s Attorney Lindsey Clark said in the Sept. 24 melee, the two injured men were part of a group in a parking lot at 2401 W. Springfield Ave., near Kenwood Road, when a fight broke out.

Overton was identified as the man who drove over the lower half of one man, breaking bones that required surgery, and completely running over the other man, leaving him paralyzed.

In the residential burglary and felony theft case, Overton is accused of entering an apartment in the 100 block of Kenwood Road on Aug. 13 and stealing two televisions. Clark said police obtained video surveillance tape that showed Overton as the intruder.

At the time of both alleged crimes, Overton was on probation for an aggravated battery that happened in April.

If convicted of residential burglary, the most serious felony of all the counts in both cases, he faces a mandatory prison term of between four and 15 years. Conviction for leaving the scene of an injury accident carries penalties ranging from probation to three to seven years in prison.

Clark said Overton has another adult traffic conviction for leaving the scene of an accident and juvenile adjudications for burglary and theft.

Judge Adam Dill left his bond at a total of $510,000 and appointed the public defender’s office to represent him. Dill told him to be back in court Jan. 21.


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