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CISSNA PARK — A Cissna Park farmer is appealing a 364-day sentence he received earlier this month for allegedly violating the terms of the probation he received for lying to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Jeremy Seggebruch, 40, had pleaded guilty in 2016 to under-reporting the number of bushels of corn he produced — 52,540 instead of the 83,242 bushels actually produced.

U.S. District Judge Jim Shadid sentenced him that December to three years of probation, and Seggebruch had to pay $300,759 in restitution to Heartland Crop Insurance.

But U.S. Probation Officer Michael R. Bice alleged in September that Seggebruch violated his probation when he was employed by his sister’s company, which participated in the federal crop insurance program and which Seggebruch was not allowed to participate in during probation.

He also allegedly took out a $64,981 loan in March 2017, without approval from the probation office, to buy a Ford Super Duty F-350.

And in October 2019, he allegedly violated an order of protection against him from his estranged wife.

At a hearing Jan. 9, Seggebruch acknowledged that the violations could be proven by a preponderance of the evidence, and Shadid sentenced him to nearly a year in prison beginning immediately.

On Jan. 15, Seggebruch’s public defender, Karl W. Bryning, appealed the previous week’s conviction and sentence.