PC Hefner impersonate verdict

Justin A. Hefner, 42, of Terre Haute, Ind., convicted Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019, of two counts of impersonation of a peace officer in a February 2018 incident in which he showed up to the Edgar County Sheriff's Office with a gun and claiming to be a law-enforcement officer.

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PARIS — An Indiana man who impersonated a law-enforcement officer in Edgar County has been sentenced to two years of probation.

A judge handed down the sentence Tuesday to Justin Hefner, 42, of Terre Haute, who will also be subject to random drug testing and searches, must take prescribed medication, and cannot own a weapon. Hefner, a veteran, will also continue to get treatment at a Veterans Affairs facility.

In October, a jury convicted Hefner of two counts of false impersonation of a peace officer after a two-day trial. He faced penalties of up to seven years in prison; prosecutors asked for three.

The conviction stems from a Feb. 17, 2018, incident in which Edgar County Sheriff Jeff Wood said Hefner arrived at the sheriff’s office in Paris wearing body armor and a badge and carrying a gun, handcuffs and mace.

Hefner said he was with the Department of Defense and needed help arresting people in Paris.Deputies, who were familiar with Hefner, convinced him to give up his weapons, then arrested him.

Hefner’s court case was on hold for nearly five months after a judge ruled he was not mentally fit to stand trial.