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URBANA — A Champaign County judge Tuesday let more than two dozen people accused of taking part in riots and looting at businesses in Champaign and Rantoul on Sunday and Monday know that their alleged criminal conduct has consequences.

As members of the Champaign County Bailout Coalition handed out flyers outside the courthouse about their organization, which helps those in jail post bonds of $500 or less, Judge Tom Difanis was inside setting bond for each of 26 people who appeared before him on charges ranging from Class 2 felony burglaries all the way down to Class A misdemeanor criminal damage to property.

State’s Attorney Julia Rietz laid out brief facts about what the 15 men and 11 women charged with crimes allegedly did and their prior justice-system contacts, if any.

Noting the “serious nature” of the offenses, Rietz asked Difanis to set bond in each case, which he did. None were allowed to be released on recognizance. They have to post 10 percent of the bond amount in cash to be released.

Eleven of the men in custody had to be housed at the Piatt County Jail in Monticello. Instead of appearing via video conference as the others did, they were brought to the courthouse in Urbana.

Each of the 26 indicated they did not have enough money to hire their own attorney and asked Difanis to appoint the public defender’s office to represent them, which he did.

Assistant Public Defender Alia Horwick gave the judge just a bit of information about the financial and life circumstances of those charged to help him arrive at a bond amount.

The list of the charges filed:

  • Trenton Jones, 26, 1400 block of Hollyhill Drive, C: Burglary, Sunday, to Shell gas station, 1406 N. Prospect Ave., C; police saw him fleeing out the shattered front door; he admitted he had been inside; father of two with a child on the way; prior convictions for theft, possession of stolen vehicle, resisting police, and unlawful use of weapons by a felon;  bond: $25,000.
  • Preston Roseborough, 20, 100 block of West Ells Avenue, C: Theft and criminal damage to property under $500, Sunday, to Sprint Mobile, 2706 N. Prospect Ave., C; a retired Rantoul police officer saw Roseborough allegedly use a rock to break the store window; when police searched him, he had over $2,500 worth of jewelry with tags on it; lifelong Champaign County resident who acts as a caretaker to a sick relative, graduate of Parkland College; bond: $25,000.
  • Adrianna Holloway-Algee, 28, 200 block of East Hill Street, C; burglary Sunday to Dollar General, 3001 W. Bradley Ave., C; she was found about 11 p.m. hiding in a stock room with six packs of cigarettes in her pants and diapers in her hand; unemployed mother of four; prior convictions as a juvenile for obstructing justice and as an adult for theft and resisting police; bond: $10,000.
  • Precious Dorris, 20, 1400 block of Ivanhoe Way, U; burglary, Sunday, to same Dollar General; she was found inside the looted store about 11 p.m. but told police she was unable to get anything before they arrived; mother of three child, student in adult education online course; prior convictions as a juvenile for resisting arrest, domestic battery and as an adult for aggravated battery and aggravated battery with a weapon; bond: $50,000.
  • Kendra Lucas, 20, 1500 block of Aztec Drive, C; burglary, Sunday, to same Dollar General; she was found inside looted store about 11 p.m. but told police she had taken nothing; the employed mother of two lives with a grandmother and had one prior conviction as a juvenile; bond: $15,000.
  • Mary A. Lee, 35, 1400 block of Winding Lane, C: Burglary, Sunday, to Citi Trends, 2013 N. Prospect Ave., C; police saw two women coming out a broken door; Lee allegedly had more than $200 worth of clothing and cannabis on her. Prior convictions for delivery of a controlled substance and aggravated DUI make Lee eligible for a mandatory prison term of between six and 30 years if convicted; mother of three children who live with her, does home health care and takes college courses online; bond: $30,000.
  • Unnamed woman with Lee was found in a car; because she had a 2-week-old child with her, that woman was given a notice to appear in court on a later date.
  • Lawrence Miller, 26, 0-100 block of Ivanhoe, U: Aggravated battery to peace officer, Sunday, for allegedly hitting hand of officer who put it up to keep Miller from running into him; Miller allegedly screamed at the Champaign officer and slapped his hand; the employed father of two had prior convictions as a juvenile for burglary and as an adult for disorderly conduct and harassment of a witness; bond: $50,000.
  • Andrian Bramlett, 26, 600 block of St. Andrews Circle, Ran- toul: Burglary, Sunday, to Colonial Liquors, 219 S. Maplewood Drive, Rantoul; mother of 6-year-old twins who delivers food had a prior driving under suspension; bond: $25,000.
  • Michael L. Woods, 23, Chicago: Burglary, Sunday, to same Colonial Liquors; Rantoul police found Bramlett and Woods in a car that had been behind the store, which was broken in twice Sunday; Bramlett was driving; in the car was a 12-inch wrench, 41 bottles of cognac and vodka, 50 packs of cigars; both Bramlett and Woods told police someone else had put the stolen goods on the ground and they took them; Woods matched the description of one of three men who had entered; father of two with prior convictions for driving under suspension and aggravated battery; two siblings who live in Rantoul; bond: $40,000.
  • Quintin Manus, 32, 1200 block of Dorie Miller Drive, C: Burglary, Sunday, to Best Buy, Champaign; caught running out the rear of the looted store about 5:30 p.m. but had nothing on him; employed father who is the sole caretaker of an 11-year-old girl had prior convictions for battery, resisting a peace officer, residential burglary and domestic battery; also has three pending misdemeanor charges; bond: $20,000.
  • Malyssa A. Moore, 24, 700 block of East California Avenue, U: Mob action, aggravated assault to a peace officer, Sunday; about 7:15 p.m., she allegedly threw bottles at police who were trying to clear parking lot on North Prospect and at specific officer out of sunroof after having been told multiple times to leave; prior convictions for consumption of alcohol by a minor and DUI; employed, lives with her mother; bond: $50,000.
  • Ketone Bryant, 20, 1200 block of North Berkley Avenue, U: Burglary, Sunday, to Big Lots, Champaign; he was seen running out of the store through a broken window; he told police he went in to steal but didn’t get anything before they arrived; no prior convictions; lives with his parents; has health issues and had to go to the hospital Monday for an asthma attack; bond $7,500.
  • Tavaris Williams, 24, 200 block of South Country Fair Drive, C: Burglary, Sunday, to Piccadilly, 2202 W. John St., C; he was caught running from the looted store about 11:15 p.m.; police found him with a cordless screwdriver and another tool; in the store was a backpack with unopened liquor; in running van nearby that registered to Adora Sims were other stolen items wrapped in a sheet, including cigars and other unopened items; father of two with no prior convictions who takes online classes; bond $10,000.
  • Robbie Walton, 31, 3600 block of Colleen Drive, C: Burglary, Sunday, to same Piccadilly; found in the storage area of the ransacked store; was allegedly with Williams and Sims; unemployed father of five children who lives with his girlfriend has one pending driving under suspension case and received court supervision in an earlier misdemeanor theft; bond $15,000.
  • Adora Sims, 20, 1000 block of West Hill, C: Burglary, Sunday, to Piccadilly; seen coming out the shattered front window wearing a hoodie pulled up around her head; her van was running nearby with alleged stolen goods inside; lives with her mother; is employed and needs medication; bond: $7,500.
  • Trestina Turner, 20, 1700 block of West John Street, C: Three counts of burglary, Monday, to Gordmans, 1901 N. Market St., U Top Fashion & Beauty, 802 Bloomington Road, and Circle K, 2315 W. Springfield Ave., C; employed; going to school to be a certified nursing assistant; no prior convictions; bond: $7,500.
  • Azariel Brown, 18, 2500 block of Roland Drive, C: Three counts of burglary, Monday, to Gordmans, U Top Fashion and same Circle K; Turner and Brown allegedly part of a group who stole merchandise from all three businesses and took it to Turner’s apartment; after the two women argued, Turner called police to have Brown removed; Brown told police of her and Turner’s activity and police found clothing, jewelry, cigarillos, hair weaves, and an empty cash drawer at Turner’s apartment; prior convictions as a juvenile; taking GED class online; bond: $20,000.
  • Rosalind Parker-Stump, 33, 200 block of Burr Oak Court, C: Burglary, Sunday, to Family Dollar, 1204 N. Market St., C; was seen coming out of the ransacked store about 10:40 p.m. pushing a shopping cart; had her 14-year-old son with her and admitted she took items; mother of two and one on the way; no prior convictions; bond: $10,000.
  • Shantee Mason-Tanzie, 30, 300 block of Marco Drive, Rantoul: Burglary, Sunday, to Circle K, 1101 N. Prospect Ave., C; police saw people going in and out of the smashed door of the business about 9:30 p.m.; she said she was merely driving Terrance Watson and Davonte Wright to the store; in her running van police found cartons of Newport cigarettes, Patron tequila; employed mother of seven with high blood pressure; no prior convictions; bond: $5,000.
  • Davonte Wright, 26, 1200 block of Providence Circle, U: Burglary, Sunday, to same Circle K; was seen leaving the business carrying a locked display case of JUUL vaping products; he admitted he stole items and knew it was wrong; employed father of two on medication with prior conditions for burglary, obstructing justice, criminal trespass to vehicle, and theft; bond: $25,000.
  • Terrance Watson, 32, Kankakee: Burglary, Sunday, to same Circle K; was seen leaving store with Wright; prior convictions for delivery of controlled substance, domestic battery, violation of order of protection, possession of methamphetamine and cannabis; pending domestic battery to Mason-Tanzie; bond $50,000.
  • Brian Parker, 35, 1500 block of Garden Hills Drive, C: Criminal damage to property and obstructing peace officer, Sunday; one of four seen allegedly using bench to break window at Glenn Poor’s Audio Video, 1745 W. Kirby Ave., C, then ran from police after being told to stop; father of a child with health problems; employed; prior convictions for possession of a weapon without FOID and possession of cannabis; bond: $10,000.
  • Serik Mason, 18, Marshall: Mob action, Sunday; was with a group when he allegedly threw beer bottle at police trying to disperse angry crowd on North Prospect; prior conviction for criminal damage to property; recent high school graduate lives with his parents; bond: $50,000.
  • Raekwon Randal, 19, Oklahoma City, Okla.: Burglary, Sunday, to Circle K, 1601 S. Springfield Ave., C; was seen fleeing from store about midnight with stolen items; was caught and held for police by an armed citizen with a concealed carry license; he admitted going in to steal; recently moved to area to be near mother and brother; bond: $50,000.
  • Dionte Wright, 24, 1600 block of West Bradley Avenue, C: Burglary, Sunday, to same Circle K; was seen fleeing from store about midnight with stolen items; he and Jeramie Barker were found in a vehicle in which police found several stolen items; father of two on medication, supposed to start a job Thursday; bond: $15,000.
  • Jeramie Barker, 35, 500 block of South Mattis Avenue, C: Burglary, Sunday, to same Circle K; was seen fleeing from store about midnight with stolen items; he and Dionte Wright were found in a vehicle in which police found several stolen items; employed father of four with prior convictions from 2005 and 2008 for theft and endangering the life of a child; bond: $2,500.


Mary Schenk is a reporter covering police, courts and breaking news at The News-Gazette. Her email is, and you can follow her on Twitter (@schenk).