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CHAMPAIGN — Police are investigating a multi-thousand-dollar theft from a big-box electronics store.

Sgt. Dave Griffet said employees of Best Buy, 2117 N. Prospect Ave., arrived for work about 7:45 a.m. Oct. 22 and found a hole in the north wall “big enough for a person to enter and hand the items out to someone else.”

Burglars got through an exterior wall — Griffet wasn’t certain how — and entered a secure area where electronics are kept.

Griffet said more than 50 Microsoft tablets and more than 50 Apple watches, with a total value of about $70,000, were taken.

A detective has been assigned to the case. So far, none of the purloined electronics have turned up, Griffet said.

“There’s a market for these things everywhere,” he said.

The burglary and theft happened some time after 11 p.m. Oct. 21, when the last employee had left for the day, he said.



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