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URBANA — Three men arrested Friday at a Champaign apartment where police found guns and cannabis are expected to be formally charged Monday.

Assistant State’s Attorney Joel Fletcher said members of the Champaign County Street Crimes Task Force had developed enough information about one of the men possibly having guns that they obtained a search warrant for an address in the 2100 block of West White Street, which they served about 5 p.m. Friday.

Arrested were Martin D. Davis, 26, who listed an address in the 900 block of West Hill Street, Champaign; Timothy Turner, 25, who lived at the apartment; and Michael Roberts, 26, of Champaign.

Fletcher said officers were watching the apartment before going in to search and saw Davis outside conducting what were believed to be drug transactions. Police said he initially gave them a false name, and when they searched him, they found about $1,500 cash in his pocket and another large quantity of cash in a bag he had.

Davis was wanted on an outstanding warrant for being an armed habitual criminal, aggravated battery, aggravated stalking and stalking. Those charges stemmed from a May incident in which Davis allegedly choked a Champaign woman and threatened her with a gun.

Fletcher said police had also obtained video posted on social media earlier that showed a person who appeared to be Roberts dancing with a gun and Turner sitting close to ammunition.

A search of the apartment turned up four handguns, ammunition and about a pound of cannabis. One of the guns and the cannabis were found in a bedroom that police believe was Turner’s.

After hearing about prior convictions for the men, Judge Roger Webber on Saturday set bond for Roberts and Turner at $100,000 each and for Davis at $50,000. However, Davis is being held on a total of $550,000 because of the earlier case.

Fletcher said based on the evidence police collected Friday, Turner and Roberts are likely to be charged with weapons offenses, while Turner and Davis are expected to be charged with unlawful delivery of cannabis.


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