PC King sex abuse

Aaron J. King, 32, of Urbana, arraigned Monday, Jan. 13, 2020, on a single count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for alledgedly having sex with an underage girl in the back of his cab on Sept. 27.

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URBANA — An Urbana man is due back in court next month after being charged with allegedly having sex with a teen in the back of his cab.

Aaron J. King, 32, who listed an address in the 1200 block of West Hill Street, was arraigned Monday on a single count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Assistant State’s Attorney Kristin Alferink said the alleged victim was a teenage girl who was staying at the Pavilion, a behavioral treatment facility in Champaign, which has a contract with a local cab company to transport its clients.

She told police that on Sept. 27, she called a cab to take her back to the Pavilion after work. The police report said she told the driver her age and that he asked her questions about whether she had a boyfriend and ultimately if she wanted to have sex with him.

The teen told police she had sex with the man in the back seat of his cab in a parking lot. She reported the incident to Pavilion staff a few days later.

Given her age, she was legally unable to consent.

Police investigated and narrowed the driver, by time of call and his description, to King. When police spoke to him, he initially denied he worked for the cab company, then later admitted he had worked there and had driven “kids” that stayed at the facility.

He also admitted having sex with one older female in his cab but not one matching the description of the teen.

Later, he said there may have been others, but due to substance abuse, he might not recall accurately.

A warrant was issued for King’s arrest for the Class 2 felony last week and he was arrested Monday. He appeared before Judge Adam Dill, who left his bond at $50,000 and told him to have no contact with the alleged victim.

King is due back in court Feb. 11. If convicted, he faces penalties ranging from probation to three to seven years in prison.


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