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URBANA — A warrant was issued Friday for a Champaign 18-year-old charged with hitting a Centennial High School employee who was trying to break up a fight on school grounds last month.

After Sahtaya N. Mitchell, 18, failed to appear in court Friday, Judge Adam Dill issued a warrant for her arrest and set bond at $25,000. The state’s attorney’s office had charged her with aggravated battery to a school employee, a Class 3 felony.

A Champaign police report said Mitchell, who listed an address in the 3300 block of Stoneway Court, was involved in a dispute with another person outside the high school around the time classes let out for the day at 3:30 p.m. Aug. 27.

A female school employee stepped between Mitchell and the other person to try to stop the fight, but Mitchell allegedly kept swinging at the other person, then turned her attention to the school employee and allegedly hit her in the face.

The report said more people converged on the group and the school employee fell to the ground. She pulled herself into a fetal position and felt herself being kicked and hit by several people. Her eyeglasses were broken in the melee.

The woman was eventually able to get up. She was left with a swollen left cheek and right eye, a swollen middle finger and numerous bumps and bruises.

The report said family members of Mitchell, who is not a Centennial student, arrived and began looking for the school employee, who said she was afraid to leave the building.

Mitchell reportedly told an officer she got into a fight with a girl who was trying to fight her younger sister and that she intended to “defuse” the situation. She acknowledged that a school employee tried to break up the fight but said she never touched the employee.

If convicted, Mitchell faces penalties ranging from probation to two to five years in prison.


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