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Lindsey Hall is in her third year as superintendent of the Mahomet-Seymour school district.

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Long before she went by Superintendent, Principal or Dr. Hall, the head of Mahomet-Seymour schools held the less glamorous title of motel housekeeper. ‘Claim to fame: I cleaned The Ramones’ room, as they were in town for a concert,’ LINDSEY HALL says. ‘That didn’t make the job better.’

Hall, a mother of four and grandmother of three, is in Year 3 of her second superintendent stint — a return to the district where she worked as junior high assistant principal/athletic director, then principal.

As she climbed the career ladder in education, the former Morton school superintendent (2012-17) also added to the education portion of her résumé. She now holds four degrees — a bachelor’s (from Colorado), two master’s (Eastern and Western Illinois) and a doctorate in educational organization and leadership (Illinois).

Here, in the fourth installment of our weekly speed read spotlighting local leaders of organizations big and small, Hall answered a few questions from Editor Jeff D’Alessio.

My philosophy on meetings is ... they need to be focused, efficient and driven by an agenda to which everyone is committed. I’m not anti-meeting; I am anti-inefficient, long, unproductive meetings. The face time — literally — in meetings is valuable, but needs to be honored and respected.

The hardest thing about being a leader is ... you often don’t see immediate, tangible results — especially in my field. You have to be comfortable that you’re contributing, with your team, to long-term improvement over time. It’s a journey, and not an immediate return. And the more typical answer: You never make everyone happy and that can never be a leader’s end game. Even when you call off school.

I can’t live without my ... time spent each morning preparing for my day in quiet meditation and prayer.

I’m frugal in that ... I shop at Target.

My one unbreakable rule for employees is ... they need to make time to care for themselves. So, the rule is: have a viable self-care plan and carry it out.

The most beneficial college class I took was ... called ‘Study of Words,’ etymology, as an undergrad. That, combined with the fact that I was able to take a year of Latin in high school, was a tremendous help for so many other things.

I’m up and at ‘em every day by ... 4:45.

My exercise routine consists of ... running 3-4 times per week, lifting 3-4 times per week and every day just attempting to move more and not sit.

As far as the last luxury I indulged in ... I would have to say our house — while certainly not ‘luxury,’ we built it and love it. I seriously own nothing considered a ‘luxury.’

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