Carrie Waterman, Teacher of the Week

Teacher Carrie Waterman poses in her classroom at Edison Elementary School in Danville.

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Whether it’s identifying challenges characters face in books or using math manipulatives to allow kids to visualize numbers, Carrie Waterman’s goal is to get kids involved in their learning.

Over her 28 years in teaching, all at Edison Elementary School, Waterman has had a chance to do that with kids in kindergarten, first grade and fourth grade along with her current post as a second-grade teacher.

“Carrie has touched the lives of so many students at Edison Elementary over the years,” Principal Betsy Porter said. “She has high expectations for all her students and believes all students can succeed.”

I became a teacher because ...

I love teaching children and introducing them to new concepts.

My favorite lesson to teach is ... One of my favorite units in reading that I love teaching is “Characters Facing Challenges.” The students love the various characters in the stories. The stories contain a challenge that the main character must confront and overcome. The students really use their imagination to come up with solutions for the character.

My most fulfilling moment as teacher is ... when former students approach me in the community to tell me how much they miss me and recall an activity we did in class.

Something else I am passionate about other than teaching is ... traveling with my family. We have traveled to all 50 states. We are always planning our next adventure.

My favorite teacher was ...

my middle school art teacher, Mrs. Bolton, at Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin. She was also my art teacher in high school. I loved that each project looked completely different yet followed the same criteria.

I engage my students by ... letting them use these manipulatives to complete activities in math and reading for hands-on learning. Second-graders love manipulatives like foam dice, monster fingers, linking cubes and sentence highlight strips.

If I weren’t a teacher, I would love to be ... an interior designer. I love to take things and give them a new life and reuse items in a different way.

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