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Leal Elementary literary interventionist Darcy Silver works with student Kaiden Bishop at the school in Urbana.

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Meet DARCY SILVER, a literary interventionist at Urbana’s Leal Elementary who preaches the Golden Rule to her students.

‘Treat others the way they want to be treated,’ says The News-Gazette’s eighth Teacher of the Week of 2019-20. ‘I always try to get them to understand the importance of being kind and encouraging to one another, as our world needs more of that.’

I find my work important because ... I enjoy being a part of a team that makes a difference in children’s lives. As a literacy interventionist, I get to work in small groups with the students that need a boost with their reading skills in order to be more independent.

I became a teacher because ... I wanted to be one that inspires children to be their best. As teachers, we get the gift of teaching a student for a short time, but the parents know them best and are their teachers each and every day. I believe it is so important for teachers and parents to work together so their children can reach their potential. As a way to engage the parents with our lessons at school, I put together book bags that include books we read during the week. This allows the parents to read books with their child at his or her reading level, and it shows the students that we are all working together to make them their best.

My most fulfilling moment on the job comes ... when students, at a very young age, recognize that I love what I am doing and comments that I am always making reading fun.

I’m passionate about ... my family, friends, faith, farming and being an OMA to our granddaughter.

My favorite teachers were ... Mr. and Mrs. Obrecht. Mr. Roger Obrecht was my grade school teacher for sixth- through eighth-grade science at Gifford Grade School. Mrs. Linda Obrecht was my geometry teacher in high school and my cheerleading coach, as well. I felt very blessed to have both of them impact my education and influence the direction for my career. I admired their dedication and commitment to making a difference in so many lives.

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