The giant state championship trophy wasn’t the only treat awaiting the 163 kids of Gifford Grade School on Monday.

Everyone was treated to ice cream bars as well.

“It’s been crazy — but good crazy,” Principal Maggie Woodham said.

The final out of Saturday’s IESA Class 1A title game in East Peoria set off a celebratory chain of events that continued Monday night as the school hosted a community meet-and-greet in the new gym. Earlier in the day, the players and coaches were introduced at an all-school pep rally.

“A lot of people are pretty hyped,” said 13-year-old Traxton Roberts, who had three hits in the title game. “A lot of congratulations.”

There was a lot of noise Saturday night when the team bus — and the caravan of vehicles following it — received a firetruck escort into town.

“Unbelievable,” said AD — and Traxton’s mom — Jami Roberts, who was in the procession. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Woodham wasn’t surprised one bit.

“The thing about Gifford is, yes we’re small, but we have a lot of spirit,” she said. ”Sometimes people underestimate us because we’re so little, but we come out for the big things.”

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