In this week's edition: A profile of Alex 'Always Outdoors' Lourash, natural areas manager at Allerton Park; an update on archery turkey hunting numbers; and a Grand Prairie Friends tree-planting event near Charleston.

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for a little trip. Last week, Michael said, “Mary, we don’t have time to take a vacation.” But my logic won my husband over: “We get an extra hour back for daylight-saving time.” Besides, Indianapolis is only a short jaunt, and we were headed for the zo…

In this week's edition: The Prairie Rivers Network's 2019 River Steward; a report on this fall's shotgun turkey season; archery deer and fall turkey permits; and spring turkey applications.

The Latest

The IEPA's David Saladino said 3 possible reasons he was given by the contractor for Saturday's long lines were that the heavy rain slowed things down; a number of people brought latex paint — though there were many advance warnings that it wouldn't be accepted; and several arrived with many boxes of items.

In this week's edition: Results from the Illini Bass Club Classic; work on a railroad trestle that will be part of the Kickapoo Rail Trail; and a fall color hike in the Russell Duffin Woods Nature Preserve at Forest Glen Preserve.

Modeling its program after a similar volunteer effort in Naperville, Champaign officials contend that it is 'the first municipality in central Illinois to offer an Adopt A Drain program to its residents.'

In this week's edition: Grand Prairie Friends' 22nd annual Rattlesnake Master Run for the Prairie at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana; cleanup efforts at Point Pleasant Restoration area at Middle Fork River Forest Preserve; a new-moon hike at Homer Lake Forest Preserve; and a deer harvest update.

Documents released by the district this week revealed that the Paxton-Buckley-Loda school district reduced the scope of excavation work this summer to 0.99 acres — just under the 1-acre threshold at which a permit from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is required.

In this week's edition: A Star Park at Kennekuk County Park in Vermilion County; a fundraiser for construction of another section of the Kickapoo Rail Trail; and the start of trout season.

There’s a big focus on the city of Champaign in this week’s edition: the groundbreaking for a new downtown hotel, a new tenant for an old music venue, a street-lighting request, the bygone GoFundMe campaign for the now-demolished Burnham Mansion, an apartment building being razed, Elite Entertainment and an update on the Yards project.

In this week's edition: A recap of the Urbana Park District's BioBlitz in Busey Woods; a preview of the Boy Scouts' Smilin’ Pumpkin Outdoor Sports Fest Camp at Robert Drake in Vermilion County; Sunday morning bird walks at the Anite Purves Nature Center in Urbana; and youth firearm deer-hunting permits.

In this week's entry in our recurring photo series, News-Gazette staff writer Paul Wood takes a look back at the changing of the season in East Central Illinois.

Partridge pea, an annual native plant that frequents prairies, has special nectar glands outside its flowers that attract ants, which defend it against leaf herbivores and seed predators through aggressive, defensive behavior or by removing herbivore eggs directly from the plant.

Staff writer Paul Wood chats with the UI sophomore who serves as project manager of Stay Glassy, which recycles used glass bottles to create quality products that will benefit others.

In this week's edition: Illinois Natural History Survey entomologist Joe Spencer's experience with a monarch-butterfly flash mob and efforts to clean up the Sangamon River.