I pulled out today’s bread from the Dutch oven while Michael prepped his lunch for work. I showed it to him, and he laughed. “A smiley face.”

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I stepped out of the grocery store into the night. The wind was just gently kissed by tiny snowflakes sparkling under fluorescent lights. The promised “winter storm” that Siri kept announcing had arrived.

We said bye-bye to Burnham Mansion, the late Great Impasta and those funky eclipse glasses, and welcome to the 44th president, the Pride Parade and a Pesotum farm-playing Luke Bryan. As the clock winds down on the 2010s — and the countdown continues to a new Costco in Champaign, a casino in Danville and A/C at last throughout Central High School

It must seem that we spent weeks in Indianapolis, but it was only two action-packed days. On Sunday, we woke at our Union Station hotel and took a short, sunny walk down to Café Patachou for brunch. On the way we passed the Indiana Theater, an ornately detailed building with a grand facade o…

In this week's edition: A profile of Alex 'Always Outdoors' Lourash, natural areas manager at Allerton Park; an update on archery turkey hunting numbers; and a Grand Prairie Friends tree-planting event near Charleston.

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for a little trip. Last week, Michael said, “Mary, we don’t have time to take a vacation.” But my logic won my husband over: “We get an extra hour back for daylight-saving time.” Besides, Indianapolis is only a short jaunt, and we were headed for the zo…

In this week's edition: The Prairie Rivers Network's 2019 River Steward; a report on this fall's shotgun turkey season; archery deer and fall turkey permits; and spring turkey applications.

The IEPA's David Saladino said 3 possible reasons he was given by the contractor for Saturday's long lines were that the heavy rain slowed things down; a number of people brought latex paint — though there were many advance warnings that it wouldn't be accepted; and several arrived with many boxes of items.

In this week's edition: Results from the Illini Bass Club Classic; work on a railroad trestle that will be part of the Kickapoo Rail Trail; and a fall color hike in the Russell Duffin Woods Nature Preserve at Forest Glen Preserve.

Modeling its program after a similar volunteer effort in Naperville, Champaign officials contend that it is 'the first municipality in central Illinois to offer an Adopt A Drain program to its residents.'

In this week's edition: Grand Prairie Friends' 22nd annual Rattlesnake Master Run for the Prairie at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana; cleanup efforts at Point Pleasant Restoration area at Middle Fork River Forest Preserve; a new-moon hike at Homer Lake Forest Preserve; and a deer harvest update.