Bagged leaves in Champaign

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Leaves are starting to fill up my driveway. When does the fall leaf pickup start in my city?

Good timing.

Fall yard-waste pickup begins in Champaign County on Monday for some Champaign and Mahomet residents.

Residents within Champaign city limits will have four chances, each two weeks apart, to have their yard waste collected, through Dec. 10.

The city is divided into 10 zones, each with a different start date for fall waste pickup. On Monday, residents who are enclosed by Kirby Avenue on the south, Prospect Avenue to the east, Springfield Avenue to the north and Mattis Avenue to the west will get the first opportunity to leave their bags for pickup.

The waste — leaves and other non-woody plant material — must be placed in 30-gallon paper yard-waste bags, within 10 feet of the curbside and 5 feet away from any obstacles, by 6 a.m. on the scheduled day.

Champaign residents can find the correct pickup dates online.

“Twigs and branches may be bundled with non-metallic twine or placed in paper yard-waste bags,” according to the city’s instructions. “Branches cannot be larger than 2 inches in diameter and 31/2 feet long. Bundles cannot be larger than 18 inches in diameter.”

Mahomet’s fall leaf collection begins on Monday as well, running every weekday until Nov. 24. The city is divided into five areas; Area 1, north of U.S. 150 and roughly west of West Street, will have the first waste pickup at 6 a.m. Monday.

Urbana’s yard-waste pickup will happen in three phases: Nov. 1-5, Nov. 15-19 and Nov. 29-Dec. 3. Residents should place bags curbside at 6 a.m. of their scheduled U-Cycle collection day. Taped or punctured bags will not be collected.

Rantoul’s schedule will be divided between residents north and south of U.S. 136.

Residents north of 136 should place their leaves by the curbside before 7 a.m. Oct. 18. Pickup begins Oct. 25 for the southern portion of Rantoul.

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