JA Savoy coyotes

A coyote is shown in a field outside Savoy.

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Q: What’s the status of Savoy’s coyote plan?

A: It’s still in progress, Village Manager Dick Helton said.

After some coyote sightings about a year ago, the village put up a section on its website to develop a comprehensive coyote plan, Helton said.

“We had a number of calls in about sightings and in some cases close calls on paths in the village, as well as outside the village. When people were out walking their dogs, they would run into them,” he said. “I don’t think we had any incidents where dogs were attacked or anything, or any people attacked, but there was concern about what do you do about these things.”

The answer: “There’s really not a whole lot,” he said. “We did our research, and you can do all sorts of things to try to get them to move, but if you trap them, what we find is …another bunch moves into that spot and takes over.”

Savoy officials asked residents to fill out coyote incident report forms on the village website if they ran into one.

So far, Helton said, the village has received one report.

In 2015, Tolono considered sponsoring a coyote hunt after reports of sightings in town.

The village hired a professional trapper, which didn’t do the trick, leading to a debate about whether to put on an organized hunt.

Ultimately, it decided not to after multiple village board members spoke out against the idea.

Some questioned whether the coyotes were actually a danger to humans and said new coyotes would replace the hunted ones.