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CHAMPAIGN — Good luck finding hand sanitizer around town.

On Tuesday, it was gone from the shelves at area Walgreens, CVS, County Market, Lowe’s, Schnucks, Walmart, Target and Meijer stores.

Also either sold out or low in stock at some stores Tuesday: face masks, disinfecting wipes, rubbing alcohol and toilet paper.

Just a day earlier, County Market parent company spokesman Gerry Kettler described supply as “OK,” adding, “There’s been a little bit of a rush on some hand sanitizer, but I think we’re back in stock today. But that could change tomorrow.”

It did. The County Market on West Kirby Avenue in Champaign was expecting a shipment of hand sanitizer Tuesday, but it didn’t arrive, store director Gary Jumper said.

At the Schnucks in Urbana, local barber Joe Taylor was unable to find sanitizer.

“I need it for my customers, to protect them,” he said.

Taylor said he wasn’t particularly concerned about the coronavirus but wanted to be cautious.

“I’m in the middle,” he said.

Taylor said he’d checked with Meijer, CVS and Walmart before stopping at Schnucks, where he instead settled for disinfecting wipes that were still in stock.

At the Champaign Meijer and Walmart, a handful of toilet paper rolls were all that remained Tuesday afternoon. Target still had plenty.

At the Champaign Lowe’s, signs warned customers that “due to current high demand, select products are limited to 10 per customer.”

And a sign on the door at the Walgreens on East University Avenue in Urbana let customers know that “We Are Sold OUT Of Masks and Hand Sanitizer.”