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Today is Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Here are local news reports from 100, 50 and 15 years ago:

In 1921, two propositions, each for the issuance of $40,000 in bonds (about $581,000 in today’s dollars), will go to Urbana voters the next week. One was to take care of indebtedness created by the increase in teacher salaries during the war. The second was for construction of a high school gymnasium and the purchase of the high school athletic fields.

In 1971, Ozark Airlines fares were to be increased in about three weeks, although the exact amount hadn’t been determined. The Civil Aeronautics Board authorized a 6 percent fare increase, meaning the cost of a Champaign-to-Chicago flight could go from $19.44 to $20.61 ($127.51 to $135.18 today). The cost of a flight to Washington, D.C., could increase from $48.15 to $51.04 ($315.81 to $334.77 today).

In 2006, a site just west of Tuscola was one of four Illinois finalists for a $1 billion project touted as the “coal plant of the future,” according to Brian Moody, executive director of Tuscola Economic Development Inc. The FutureGen project was expected to create 1,300 construction jobs at its peak and about 150 permanent jobs at the plant, plus as many as 750 permanent indirect jobs, Moody said.

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