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Today is Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019. Here are local news reports from 100, 50 and 15 years ago:

In 1919, with a “fight ‘em” talk by Coach Bob Zuppke crowning the evening’s events, the Champaign Rotary gave its first annual dinner to the UI football squad at the Inman Hotel on Monday evening. For 16 years, J. M. Kaufman and Charles B. Hatch entertained the team but a desire to make the event more representative of the community resulted in the two hosts relinquishing the management of the affair to the Rotary Club.

In 1969, Urbana Mayor Charles Zipprodt will ask the city council to approve a “strong mayor” government proposal that would go on the ballot in the spring of 1971. Under the plan, he said, the city council would be primarily legislative, acting only on proposals brought to them.

In 2004, plans are under way to open side-by-side locations for a Starbucks Coffee shop and a Potbelly Sandwich Works restaurant in Champaign’s Campustown next year. Both will be located at 501 E. Green St., where construction on the shell of the building is already proceeding, according to Jim Lopez, project manager for the contractor, Broeren Russo Construction, Champaign.