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Today is Friday, July 31, 2020. Here are local news reports from 100, 50 and 15 years ago:

In 1920, the Champaign County Fair had the distinction of being the first in the country to make use of wireless telegraphy and telephony for exhibition purposes at the annual fair. A booth at the floral hall was to show a complete sending and receiving station in operation and would include an exhibit of all the latest developments in up-to-date radio apparatus. Time signals and weather reports would be received and posted at intervals each day.

In 1970, several motorists reported that their cars were pelted with missiles near the corner of Fifth Street and Bradley Avenue in Champaign. “This harassment of citizens and police officers has got to stop,” City Manager Warren Browning said. “The incidents seemingly are unprovoked and are just sniping in nature.” No significant injuries or damage was reported.

In 2005, owner Jim Webster said he was thinking in terms of “districts” when planning for possible new tenants at Lincoln Square Village. He hoped to develop an “arts district” in the area around Art Mart and International Galleries, a “health and fitness district” in the area around Cardinal Fitness and Brownfield Sports, and a “financial district” near the center of the mall that could accommodate brokerage and insurance offices.

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