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Volunteers on Thursday joined Ainslie Heilich to work on a projected image for a mural to be created on the side of the Douglas County Museum.

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Artists and artist wannabes of various skill levels will be able to do their part in telling and making history this weekend.

Everyone is welcome to come out this morning to help on the mural project on a wall of the Douglas County Museum. Participants will be able to tell friends and family, “I helped make that.”

Ainslie Heilich, who is spearheading the project, and a few friends spent Thursday evening using a projector to trace the outline of the mural on the wall of what at one time was an IGA store.

“We have markers that we will take the projection and permanently stencil it to the wall, so it’s easy for everybody involved,” Heilich, who majored in art history at Virginia Commonwealth University, said before the evening’s work began.

He designed the mural so anyone of any skill level will be able to help paint the 110-foot-long artwork.

“Hopefully we’ll have enough paint brushes and supplies for everybody,” he said.

Heilich will also work on the mural next week before another public painting get-together next Saturday that he hopes will complete the project.

“A lot of it comes down to the weather cooperating and enough hands on deck to help out,” said Heilich, who runs the Vintage Karma tattoo parlor in Tuscola.

“There’s been a lot of good responses” to the idea of the historic mural, he said. “Overall, it’s been a positive reaction to it.”

The mural will include ears of corn, a steam train, a horse and buggy to honor the Amish, and a Raggedy Ann doll, which originated in Arcola.

— Dave Hinton

Our County Editor

Dave Hinton is editor of The News-Gazette's Our County section and former editor of the Rantoul Press. He can be reached at dhinton@news-gazette.com.

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