Spring is annual report season at the Spurlock Museum. One of the important duties involved in report preparation is ensuring that all of our databases are up to date … and we have a lot of databases.

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I think we are very realistic about a timeline,” Mahomet Mayor Sean Widener said on the addition of recreation facilities. 'I think what we’re saying is, ‘This is the next step. Please be patient.’ We’re looking at a pretty significant (cost). It will take a sizeable funding stream for that, maybe a bonding referendum to build that.'

To help spruce up Danville ahead of next week’s invasion of basketball teams and their fans, the folks at Keep Vermilion County Beautiful could use the help on Saturday morning.

The pandemic delayed expected sports tourism growth this year resulting from construction of the complex, including new hotels, restaurants and retail outlets. It will likely push building of those facilities back about a year.

Last month, three robotic missions launched from different countries reached Mars, including the first successful missions sent by China and the United Arab Emirates.