In this week's edition: The grown-up edition of the Vermilion County Conservation District’s Outdoor School; bobcat hunting permits; and deer archery permits.

The Latest

On the chance you don’t already know it, back in July, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed into law the Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act, and that’s cause for celebration. The act is designed to protect the public interest in clean water by placing more stringent rules on coal ash disposal sites.

In this week's edition: The end of restoration of the banks of the Vermilion River near where a lowhead dam was removed in Danville is in sight; the beginning of waterfowl hunting season; and a planned nature preserve hike in Vermilion County.

In this week's edition: Prairie Rivers Network's Wild and Scenic Film Festival at the Art Theater and the Champaign County Audubon Society's fall-migration bird walks and end-of-summer celebration, hike and bonfire.

In this week's edition: The Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club gets some well-deserved recognition from the state and the Illini Bass Club's Angler of the Year points race tightens up after last weekend's tournament in Paris.

In this week's edition: Replica turkey spurs by Scotty Branca of Tuscola are gaining popularity; hunting deadlines are approaching; big fishing catches at the Conservation World pond at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield.

This week: A new footbridge along Willow Creek at Forest Glen Preserve near Westville; the Illini Bass Club's July 28 outing to Lake Charleston; and an upcoming deadline for wild-turkey shotgun season.

In this week's edition: An update on the Kickapoo Rail Trail, a black carp bounty from the Illinois Department of Resources and a preview of Conservation World at the Illinois State Fair.

On Aug. 10, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Friends of Lake Shelbyville will auction off about 80 impounded deer stands and climbing sticks. It’s the fourth time they’ve done it since 2009.